Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ties that bind...

The cold weather slows me down considerably and I'm trying to work out my winter schedule for studio time. My goal is to at least get in 2 days each week and 3-4 if the temps are mild or unseasonably warm.  I'll return to a daily journal practice and might consider setting up a corner for beading on the graffiti-scraps...I have about 30-40 of them that I'm not sure I'm even going to layer since it is a heavy canvas.  I'll also return to working through digital design as it relates to quilting.  And the Market to Access program should also help keep me focused.  I tend to get a little surly when I go more than 3-4 days without any hands on creativity.

I have 2 juried show that I want to submit work to but I'm infamous for missing deadlines but I'm going to plug a schedule into my calendar as opposed to steadily working and then diving in at the last minute to rush to finish the quilt, get it photographed, and budget for submission fees.  I've gotten to old to rush at anything. I've been 87 years old since i was 24, or so I've been told. That is another way of saying "old soul". Well my body has caught up.  A few days ago I had to laugh at myself for the way I'm wearing my hair...sectioned off with 10 plaits.  I use to plait my great-grandmother's hair up the same way...oil and massage her scalp and plait up her hair and that is the way she wore it...opting to put on a wig for church on Sundays.  She was in her 70s when I had that duty...I'm in my early 50s

Here I am in my studio showing my very first quilt to Linda Ospital who was interviewing me for a state archive project.

In this photo I can see my father and my great-grandmother.  I started this quilt in 1990 and completed it in is all hand sewn except for the binding.

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  1. Karen, isn't it great when we see people we love when we look at ourselves. No one can leave us a better gift than that, a piece of themselves.