Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday night summary

I've been setting up spread sheets to track my goals and I think for me to ump it up this year, a weekly summary is best for me to be accountable. I'm not going to track time in additional administrative task just yet.  I've printed off my goals and they are taped up here at home and will be taped at the studio and on my tablet and pc calendar.  This might be overkill but I know me and its not.

  • I spent 7 hours in the studio; 4 of them spent on working on a quilt for exhibit.  
  • 3 hours w/ Digital Quilting and working with my photo files, printing, transfering methods for a minimum of 10 hours last week.  
  • I snapped a few pictures with the tablet and did a short in-studio video, but not with the D40. 
  • I prepared paper and fabric for zentangles but didn't do any.
Here is a short video of results printing on foil using Golden's digital grounds.  I used a brush to apply the grounds, but I'm thinking a foam brush will get a smoother even application OR either I need to apply more than 2 coats.

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