Tuesday, January 29, 2013

It has something to do with Home.

High winds and rain are predicted to move in around 3:00 am...so possibly, I could find myself in Oz tomorrow looking for the Wizard.  But I'm hoping all will be well and whatever comes will pass through quickly and without any loss of power and life.

I just came in from the studio. When I rough sketched the quilt out I wrote Welcome Home underneath it and tonight while piecing it, I kept thinking "going home", "returning home".  The center fabric represents a passage, an illuminated door. You know by now, I just listen to what comes and at this time I don't know what it means really.  Before I left I cut the right and left side down to bring more focus to the doorway. and some of the top will also get cut down.  The other idea that came was to place a face at the top.

While meditating on it the idea came to me to make it 3-D and I saw a room with about 50 of them varying between 4-6 feet tall.  I don't think I'm going there but I'm noting it here for reference.


  1. I'm digging this. Looking forward to seeing the finished product as well as the companion pieces. I know that each one will be as beautiful (if not more beautiful) as this one. It doesn't have to be 50; just as many as it takes to satisfy you!

    1. Thanks Deb. Are you doing any sewing?

  2. I like the slim black strips you have added. Will be watching this.