Thursday, April 4, 2013

Beginning Today

Setting up in the new space has felt like I was working under the evil eye of know, Evaline, from The Wiz, Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News Evaline.  Yesterday I threw a bucket of water on her and she is still melting, so I'm just an nth from shedding this skin of drudgery.  I kept getting ahead of myself over what needed to be done now to what I ultimately want to do which made the task even more laborious.

It looks nothing like this now.  Next week, I anticipate being ready to stitch something.  On top of continuing the move, I've dealt with soar throat and chest infection, changing schedule for watching the grandkids, taking Ade to work and picking him up, Peter had another eye surgery, my own health appts., and I've gained weight.  Uneena and Don covered gallery sitting for me at the Kore except for last Saturday.  Being able to sit and read for those couple of hours only interrupted by talking to the occasional visitors was the most amount of calm I had in weeks followed by a quiet Easter Sunday where Peter and I just chilled and caught up with one another's thoughts.  I'll be returning to a conscientious slow down beginning today.


  1. WHEW!!!! Your doings just make me exhausted. Just make a to-do list while in bed or when you get a chance. Priortize and you will get things done. Best to you.

  2. Karen I have been there ... I call it "not knowing your Ass from your elbow". Don't you remember the old folks saying that :) This is what I learned from my move... I organized my approach and got more done. So do the list, it will help big time!!!. Then keep in mind you will move things around a few times before you really get settled. I was anxious to get back to work..SInce that was important to me, I put things away knowing it was just temporary, which means you might move it again but it can be a while . You need time to get your grove on in the new spot.Do something everyday even if its just a little and it will get done..
    Miss you a lot...I would help you if I were there :)

  3. One step at a time, do not tire youself will be great when everything has it's place, even if you cannot remember where it is right away. Happy new studio!