Friday, March 19, 2010

Counting Crows

I haven't had much time to be at either place, The Workshop or the Studio.  For a second (a short second) I held the thought to sale my spot in the Benn/Morgan workshop next month at the Crow Barn. I will follow my own advice and not let single moments define my whole reality and future.  I've heard Nikki Giovanni speak several times and she tells a story of a visit somewhere in Central Africa and going to a village and a group of men identify themselves as "warriors" for the village...she asks "what wars have you fought?" and the reply was there hasn't been a war in over 100 years.  Giovanni's point was how can you call yourself warriors if you haven't fought in any wars.  I haven't been feeling like much of an artist of late and began to question the "what" as in what do I call myself doing?  These supplies are just wasted on me, yak, yak, yak...  The upcoming week with Leslie and Claire at the Crow Barn will be an opportunity for my mind to settle back into the processes of making art, (God willing and if the Creek don't rise)

I have a new granddaughter who was born last weekend.  Her name is Anaya which means God Answered.  She has been in ICU since Tuesday morning but the meaning of her name is not lost on her...everything has corrected itself and the last miracle we are waiting on is for her respirations to slow down and the water to clear off her lungs. 

Also, my father had a hospital stay and has transitioned into a nursing home for rehabilitation.  My mother and I have been trading off days to care for my 18 month on grandson, Carter, (named after Carter G. Woodson) big brother to Anaya. 

I'm settling into the head space where I can allow Grace to enter.  Patience is following and I have forgiven myself for not burying myself in art making and accepting this is the season to be and do for my family and accept this as the blessing it is.


With Carter in and out of my lap, I painted this Crow on a 6"x8" scrap of fabric.


  1. I'm praying that all goes well with Anaya, and she is able to come home to her family soon. The art will come when it is time, I have no doubts- it's in your bones!

  2. ...oh my...but this painting is so beautiful...thank you

  3. Good to hear you are bouncing back from your illness. Said a prayer for the new princess. I like the crow and am anxious to see how you complete it.

  4. Every field needs time to rest between crops.....give yourself some love and hugs. You will have a great time at the workshop and return home refreshed and ready to go. I hope your family all will be well and in their respective homes soon.
    Your crow is awesome!
    Warm Hugs!

  5. Hi Karen....
    I went looking for you on facebook, and had forgotten that you would only be here for a while. I LOVE your crow! Amazingly, I have been drawn to crows recently. It seems that I see them everywhere I go and they are trying to talk to me. How serendipitous that I come here and see this handsome fellow you created.
    Congratulations on your new grandaughter, and I will keep her in my thoughts as she continues to improve.
    Keep yourself open and the art will come.

  6. funny you have been on my mind recently as if something big might be happening. the crow painting is amazing! It is so true what you say about both art and family as well as staying true to the evolving seasons of your own life. Pleasant wishes for all ...

  7. Your last two sentences have been my daily mantra for the past year. My art has changed but you know what they say about change. The crow picture reminded me of when I held a wounded and bleeding crow in my hand..a fierce black and red engine thrumming with fear. I like to think your picture was how he looked the moment he was released to the wild again by the wildlife rehab folks.

  8. I have been caring for a recently disabled sister since November, and the demands on my time and spirit have provoked many of the same feelings and dilemma that you articulate in this post (AND, I have two teenaged sons)... I pray that you find peace within as you negotiate the fullness of this time.
    Also, I would have a hard time convincing MYSELF of this, but let me say to you that 'being an artist' is a stance in the world and not just a series of outcomes/products... when I heard the Nikki G. story, I thought the point was going to be that certain villagers were warriors even when NOT fighting and that the prolonged peace was a FUNCTION of their success as warriors. Not sure if this helps.

  9. I'm looking forward to hearing about the workshop, I am there in spirit. Glad to hear your granddaughter is improving and sorry to hear about your father. I think this circling of life can only continue to feed your need to make art.

  10. It's certainly not that you've turned your back on art making, it's just that this is the time for other things -- like family. For everything there is a season, and right now is just not the season for art. You are wise not to give up the workshop though, as it will undoubtedly be part of the path back to the art season.

  11. The making of art begins long before the brush hits the canvas, or the thread joins the cloth.