Monday, September 5, 2016

Throwing Shade and Casting Support

So I've already started my own art school.  I'm going to skip the courses though and just award myself an M.F.A.  My retrospective show is coming up at a major museum.  By museum, I mean inside my garage, buts it will be promoted by a major outlet.  By outlet, I mean my blog, but some major art critics have planned to cover the show.  By major art critics, I mean my grandchildren who will share their thoughts and pass out flyers in the neighborhood and post up notices at Krogers.  The name of my show though is #heisalieandalickandhisdrawersdon'tfit.  I am already planning for my next show around January 20th and it is called #istoodwithher

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  1. Many you may not see or even say much, stand with you quietly in stiletto heels!