Wednesday, May 25, 2005

silk and wool roving?????

I'm interested in trying to make silk fusion and felted beads and am now informed BUT confused ;) from reading about it at different websites.  Is it correct that silk rovings and a medium make up the ingredients for silk fusion???? AND that wool rovings are what I need to make felted beads??? Is it possible to do wool fusion the same as with silk rovings and can I make silk beads in the same manner that I make wool felted ones????

More than likely, I'm trying to squeeze too many techniques to try into 4 days that I have coming up in June to do nothing but play non-stop but I just want to get as much leverage as possible from the time.

Thanks for any input and direction.

Friday, May 20, 2005

Postcards anonymous

Glamour_girl Party_girl_1                               Play_date                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Glamour Girl, Party Girl, and Play Date

These are for exchange in Postmarkd Art Group

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Postcard Time, again

I made 8 fabric postcards yesterday.  Four to trade with other members of PostmarkdArt (see sidebar for link) and four for Art Going Postal.  Here are 3 more.  To see the other four, click here.

Thursday_may_19_2005 Thursday_may_19_2005_2

Postcard time!

Wednesday_may_18_2005 Wednesday_may_18_2005_2

This clock belonged to Papa Mott, my grandfather.

Dscn0506I want to do something with the images of the clock onto cloth for what will ultimately be an ancestor quilt.    I have about 2 hours before my son comes home and disturbs the I'm gonna get back to working on some new postcards and painting metal washers.  hangeth in.                                                                                                 

I think I have a series happening

Dscn0533 Dscn0531

Just completed this piece

Dscn0527 Dscn0529

Friday, May 13, 2005

Catching up...

okay, quickly, my sweetie pie has been working on our computers and i haven't had access at work all sites are blocked so i can't even read and post or distract return to work has not been easy. the most annoying thing is for people to keep asking me what's wrong (when they see the portable o2) or how am feeling.  i'm polite enough, but most of my energy is geared toward achieving at least one productive thing while i'm there and trying not to focus on how i'm feeling because even on my good days i'm tired and achy with fewer shortness of breath and dizzy spells.  i come home and fall asleep most evenings and wake up the next morning. i've watched a few movies some evenings just to stay up and connect with my kiddos.  Mo put in Rabbit-Proof Fence a few evenings ago and it was a wonderful movie that reminded me of the tenacity of the human spirit.  My friend Dee talked about this movie a few months ago but I'm always so late in catching up to movies.  Has anyone else seen this? If not, I recommend it highly.

i've spent the last hour trying to catch up on blogs and now i'm running late in getting ready. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2005

Need help with sharp object

Okay, I copied the design onto template plastic and attempted using an exacto knife. The design has lots of small curves and it was difficult for me to manuever the knife in the tight curves and points. I didn't finish for fear of doing bodily harm to an appendix that I need.

I googled "burning stencils" and found an electric exacto knife for about 30 bucks ...geez, I don't want to spend that much but if it flows better, I would consider it...anyone have any experience with one?

I'm thinking about buying acetate sheets, or contact paper to see if this would be easier than cutting the plastic with the exacto knife. Also, I just know there has to be a tool that would "burn" the stencil there???? What type of business would make a custom stencil for me?????

I really want this piece to turn out...I'm exicting about the possibility of it being good enough to submit or display in a venue.

Any help is appreciated.

****I just found this at Joann's- heat cutting tool. Anyone have any experience with it?

Sunday, May 1, 2005

Art Going Postal

I mailed 10 postcards to my friend Kelly in Lancaster, Ohio who had an gallery show this weekend. She displayed them and 3 sold.  The above site was created to display the postcards that are available for purchase. There will be no commentary...just pictures.  Friends helped me select the name from 2 choices- Art Going Postal and Art in My Mailbox.  So what do you think?

This idea came from Mo Bird Design, the daughter of Gerrie at Crazy For Fiber.  Also, someone shared a link to a visual artist who paints acrylic post card size paintings, one each day, and sells them.  His name was Duane Kieser (?) but I can't find the link to his blog at the moment. 

I finished a wall size piece today...still contemplating beading on it...but it pretty much is finished...its one that has already been posted here...the blue/aqua/yellow/green/orange strips that I resurrected from another piece.  I finished the edge with a satin stitch in matching variegated thread, size 12 from Sulky.  After I finished I heard my mother's voice in my head saying "nice placemat"...(She has good intentions, really) so thats why I thought about beading for it. 

I did manage to get the metal pieces for the other one I've talked about a few days ago, but just haven't had the energy to focus on finishing it.  Yesterday and Friday where hard physically and I just kept going until around 8pm yesterday. I was suppose to go hang out with a friend from my elementary through high school days who was here from Columbia, SC and I laid down to rest and that was it!  I was restless and attempted to get up a few times and read blogs but my lack of focus and irritability got the best of me.  When I finally fell asleep, I had nightmares all night and when I woke this morning it felt like I had been moving furniture all day...I guess whatever I was dreaming about had me running for my life.  My friend flew out early this morning and I feel terrible.  I will give her a call when she gets home tonight or tomorrow...I hope she understands...people think they understand about my limitations and I think most give a genuine effort to do so...but I know it is hard to reconcile when I'm emotionally up and vibrant but physically in pain or fatiqued on some days. 

Well, I've got to go prepare for returning to work will be permanent "light duty" as ordered by the doctor, so I'm interesting to see what will happen with my job duties and re-organization.  I'm also hoping I can do this.