Thursday, December 14, 2006

Contentment and the Blues

Dscn2242 Dscn2244_1

i know the page on the left is complete.  it gives me a contented vibrations when i look at it and touch it.  the same with the one on the right but i might just find something to add on to the left side of that page. since working with "roundness" is not something my own sensibilities gravitate toward when doing my own work, i wanted to call this page "the birth of the round" lol.   

i'm really am not going to start another blog for altering books but more than likely, altering book posts will become a regular feature at Seamless Skin.

Quilt Design Blues

speaking of blues, did anyone see the Eric Clapton's Guitar Blues Festival  last night on Great Performances on PBS?  fabulous!  eased the day's stress right out of me!  any day hearing and seeing B.B. King sing and play is a good day! and Robert Randolph and The Family Band  acted a fool on stage with that 12 string! i saw this band one other time on Austin City Limits i believe, and I thought my tv was going to dance itself out the door! 

my blues, the quilt design blues, showed up last night.  i came up with another design idea for a themed quilt challenge i'm doing with my quilt circle.  it has to be completed by end of march and while everyone is stitching right along, i've used 2 months to change my mind every week, sometimes every other day, over design and idea.  i've not commited one thread to needle, needle to cloth.  i've questioned my commitment to doing this quilt and thats not it, i do want to do it.  i do know what is the underlying trouble but i will not belabor my lament here since there is a possibility of a resolution soon, plus i don't have a guitar for the blues full effect.

Blogging and Books

blogs with Typepad can have their blogs published into a book.  40 pages for about 20 bucks. more pages, more bucks.  i might consider this for Seamless Skin...poetry, recipes, photos, random writings...consider the possiblities!


  1. I chuckled when I got to this part, "i've used 2 months to change my mind every week, sometimes every other day, over design and idea."
    Gosh, the book thing sounds like a good idea.

  2. I've never thought about printing my blog on paper. It's really not a bad idea. Saving it for a time when I may want to look back to today & remember. Or maybe for a grandchild to get to know me. Hmmm, you're making me think...

  3. I so love Eric Clapton and B.B. King!! They have a great CD out called "Ridin' with the King."

  4. Ooh...Eric and B.B. - two of my favorites!
    I listened to the blues years ago, but never "got it" until recently. So much soul, so deep...