Monday, October 15, 2007


The last of the fabrics that I dyed weeks ago is soaking.  I thought I had distinguished the fabrics that I had pre-soaked in soda ash from the ones I didn't but the evidence proved I still don't know if adding the soda ash before or after the dye really makes any difference in the amount of dye absorbed...what I really want to understand and apply is colour that vibrates!  What really makes colour vibrate...not jarring but smooth and rhythmic?  And can it be done or how to achieve it using 1, 2, or 3 hues...I know this much, that value is the key.  But how can it just pulsates off the wall???

In an earlier post I mentioned doing postcards for the remainder of the year but that hasn't happened...instead, I'm looking at previous dyed/painted fabrics to see if I can cut them up, what would go together, etc.  I have such a difficult time cutting up my dyed fabrics where 3-4 colours form abstract movement across the length of the piece...I just want to quilt it as cutting.  And its even harder when the pieces are patterned...for example, I love these fabrics below and I'm going to take a leap and combine them in 10"x10" quilts...

Image  Image1_2Image2

The top one on the left I groove with the most and I thought about just quilting it with low contrast thread and love it as is...but since matters of love are never that straight forward, I thought I'd torture myself by trying to put all 3 fabrics in one piece.  That is my mission today.


  1. I feel this with you!! I have so many whole cloth pieces because I can't bring myself to ignore how cool the designs and colors came out and relegate those qualities to some value less important.
    Scroll down to the second piece:"Giraffe Crosses Against the Light"
    My solution was to overdye the separate pieces with a unifying gold, then assemble them. I'm not saying this is the answer for your group but I already see a relationship growing there.

  2. I like these, I am esp coveting the one with circles. I have this thing for circles. Postcards, I am up to my armpits in postcards that have to be done for Saturday!

  3. They are all great and I am confident that you will be able to create a wonderful little quilt with them.

  4. Lovely fabric, I know just how you feel about cutting it up. Sometimes I do, sometimes I can't.
    I've tried both soda soak and soda ash after the dye- the difference I see has less to do with color, and more to do with how sharp or soft the patterning is. Either way, I can get bright, vibrant color- but right now I'm into softer textures on my hand dyes. Have fun playing with that yourself!!

  5. What gorgeous fabrics!
    I found a double burner hotplate at WM yesterday...only $29!!
    Karoda, I apologize, but I've just tagged you.

  6. Lovely! My favorite is the circles!

  7. I just saw a show of Ann Johnstons work and love how she uses her fabric. I can see either of the geometic prints working with the one in the upper left. The colors reference each other very well. All are fantastic.

  8. These are awesome. Hope you had a good time bringing them into concert together ...

  9. These are all gorgeous! It's fall, so I'm pulling out my fabrics and quilting stuff--love sitting in the evening and doing some hand stitching...
    I'm thinking I may have to learn about dying fabric--I keep running into it every where I turn.