Monday, October 8, 2007


First, lets talk poetry...there is that saying "you betta tell somebody"...well, I've been told and now I know a little something about the poet Jessica Care Moore and I'm all the more better for it.  I attended a reading by her as the featured poet in the Sonia Sanchez Series as part of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference held annually at UofK in Lexington.  As far as the official introduction went for the reading, it was expected to be complimentary, but what really struck me in addition to her energy and unapologetically political poetry was that she started her own press as a serious literary house for young Black Poets and then she named her son King.  She pays honor to those who have come before her and whose shoulders she stands pisses me off to meet young people who behave in such a way (incoming colloquialism) "like they ain't got no people".  We are not in this world alone and what we do has a rippling effect on those who are connected to you and beyond. Ms Care Moore knows that she has people.

This past Friday I attended a poetry salon to hear a long old soulful friend read, Capri.  He was in great form, poetically speaking, and his lines are full of Motown rhythms and jazz licks.  Unfortunately, I can't link his work...he lamented over having to give up his word processor because he couldn't find anyone to repair it and how his daughter set him up to put his work on a computer program but he sure misses his word processor. The poetry salon is a place where the younger poets will meet the more seasoned ones here in the city.  While listening to Capri read I became transfixed into splashes of colours and decided Capri will be a moon quilt...2 moons of coral/fuchsia. 

I've had 2 days dyeing fabric recently at MACA.  I wish I could show you or at least tell you about the fabulous colours but I just mixed with sheer recklessness and can only guesstimate what the colours are...brazilnut is one that I like and I have 2 blues that make me shake my almost periwinkle...oh and a deep dark aqua made my eyes widen and some great hues of gray...terra cotta was in the mix too.  Much of this year has been spent doing surface design work and dyeing and not much actual quilting.  Not a lament just an observation.  The silk screen will stay, the transfer dyes was tossed...the silk fusion will stay, angelina fibers I'm neutral about...beading will be a keeper but I'm not sure how...hand embroidery definitely will stay...The remainder of the year will be spent making fiber postcards and finishing up 2 quilts previously started.  Can you tell I've already started reviewing my year and am making plans for next year. 

Until I have my camera back in hand (7 weeks) I'll just make a weekly entry here on Mondays.  Oh, and Noreen, Canadian artist who has a spiritual relationship with trees solidly confirmed my tree images as birch. 


  1. I have a vision of the repair shop just sitting their with your camera and o week 1, they say ok lets get it done!!
    I want pics!! I am going to check out the tree person.

  2. So sorry to hear about your camera! I'm a real baby when equipment is broken. Cars, Computers, Sewing machines, Printers...whenever anything goes wrong with that kind of equipment, I spend way too much energy sulking. I just can't help it! Otherwise, glad to hear you healed from your bronchitis. I've managed to stay away from that. Many blessings to you. Jo