Monday, October 1, 2007


Dscn2657 The diagnosis: barrel on the lense out of alignment.

The cost: $138 Whew! Of course, I could buy a bolt of fabric from Dharma for 138, but I'm still relieved that the repair isn't the cost of a new camera! 

Thanks to everyone who assisted with the tree identification.  Some type of birch for sure (or until I know otherwise).  I've printed the 3 images I have onto 8.5"x11" fabric sheets but I have no plans yet for them...just love this tree.

"corporate media...nothing to tell and everything to sell" quote by Amy Goodman overheard this morning on LinkTV in a speech she gave at the SolarLiving Institute Festival.



  1. Oh, that is a great quote. I must remember it. I am so glad that the camera is fixable within your budget. Will it still take 8 more weeks?

  2. The tree bark fabric looks really great.

  3. Micki, that isn't the fabric but my original photograph.

  4. Glad the repair was possible. I had a scare on Tuesday when neither camera was working. One (mine, and the cheap one) was a matter of forgetting that the card wasn't in it; a moment of panic, but easily remedied. The other one (Fee's and expensive)was what really worried me for fear that I had done something to it. Whatever it was, Fee managed to fix it. Whew! How many pictures do you need/want to take when you don't have a camera? More than usual, of course; fortunately, both were working by the time the grandkids arrived.