Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just Generally Speaking...

Last week I dreamt about houses...3 separate nights, 3 different houses; my grandmother's, great-grandmother's, and my parent's...and the last one involved my parent's neighbors and her husband leaving her...my mother told me yesterday that she didn't think he was there.  Now I don't have much contact with them other than occassionally being bothered by them parking in front of my mother's house when they have a long ass driveway and 2-car garage that is underused.  Her husband tutored my son in math for a short spell.  I admit being baffled by them as a couple as they are as far different one from another as any 2 people could be.  In all the dreams there was construction going on...building upward.  Since architecture intrigues me, I'm wondering if I should do something around buildings/construction?  I dunno, I'll let it simmer some more.

After bringing some order to my work tables yesterday I pulled out the Tsunieko Inks.  The Sankofa bird (a bird looking back) is something I doodle a lot.  This is on a polyester blend scrap....I'm going to machine free-motion embroider it for some more practice.  It took a bit of slowing down to relate to the layering/blending that these inks seem to require.  I wanted to use more ink on it but I thought I'd see how much the threads can carry in adding depth.


The shrimp and grits turned out okay but I think my expectations of the dish prepared here is ruined by what I had in South Carolina.  I will make it on occassion and for Beverly who asked about the recipe I will post what I did in a few days.  Tonight I'm going to try an asparagus quiche.

On the puzzle front, this is how far we've come since Sunday:


We use to do these a lot when our relationship was young and I had forgotten how addicting and fun these are.  I don't think we've done one since Ade, now 17, was a toddler.


  1. Perhaps you are dreaming about houses because of the housing crisis. Do you watch or listen to the news? I love shrimp and grits, but there is none like you can get on the coast of the Carolinas.

  2. I have recurring house dreams! I love old houses, and was particularly fond of my maternal grandmother's house and flower gardens. My Nana shared her love of all textiles with me, and I think that dreaming about her home is a comfort to me. I also dream about my husband's aunt's great old house on Lake Erie in Canada. That place was huge and rather magnificent, with all of those wonderful nooks and crannies.
    I love your bird and hope you will post more pictures of her.
    We've got a puzzle going too....it's cold and rainy here today and I THOUHGT I'd work on some fiber art, but now, thanks to you, that puzzle is calling my name! ;-)
    MMMMMMMM: shrimp and grits!!!!

  3. HUmmm- I was having house dreams this week as well - around my dearest grandmother. Two nights - Two houses. What's going on with the planets?! Love the bird you are working on! It's going to be even more wonderful quilted!