Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Real people writing blogs!

Rayela at Fiber Focus invited me to be a guest blogger.  I tried to expand on the motivations behind the poetry/quilt connection beyond what I've shared here at Seamless Skin already.  It falls under the heading of "tell them so I'll know".  I have noticed a decline in my writing skills and even speaking, although I've never been one to talk a lot.  But often times I go back and re-read something I wrote and I'm like "what the hell where you trying to say?"    Being a guest at someone else's blog felt weighty but in spite of the numerous re-writes I still think I could have been clearer and more concise...go take a read and tell me what you think...if something isn't stated well or an idea not clear...ask me questions to help me improve...thank you for your time.

I hope when I'm in Paducah next month that I'll be able to me Rayela in person.

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  1. Lovely post over at Fiber Focus, Karoda. As usual, informative and full of great examples of your work!