Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Woman disposes; Spirit proposes

And this IS working with a plan!  (Or maybe this IS as much as I can plan?).

Here is the quilt after I finished quilting it.  This is hanging on the 8 feet wide design board.


In writing my observations at this stage I had some definitely-do-different next time ideas but it was the puckering in the green panel that grated my last I decided to cut out the red and the yellow for 2 seperate smaller quilts.  I came to this idea quickly as a result of having prior study work with these:

From the Workshop

In my last post I wrote about having an interesting background and the piece not being successful as the whole quilt as a focal point.  Yesterday I used one of my spirit images and stamped 3 times in the upper left hand corner in dark blue...made me bounce and then a scene from the book Beloved came to me...child size ghost hand prints on top of a birthday I stamped a child's hand print in 2 sizes leading to the ghost heads...I was NOT bouncing....all I could see was those turkey drawings made from the imprint of one's hand.  The longer I looked at it the longer it offended me.  I didn't even want to be reminded of this disaster by cutting the piece into postcards.  After some deep breathing and meditating I heard the words "painted quilt".  Immediately got up from the comfy chair went to the cabinet and with not too much deliberation picked up the blue paint...don't believe I did it, do you?  Well let me layout evidence article labelled #1025 before you:



Then Sam Gilliam's pieces came to visit me...3 pieces I saw in his retrospective show that where solid colours that encouraged me to explore monochromatic pieces.  I was dancing and singing...I was barrackin'!  Settled down to meditate on it and my cheeks carried the weight of my smile and then from out of nowhere I got up and stuck this scrap that was on the table from another piece and stuck it onto the piece and I thought I was going to have to lay back on the pillow and smoke a cigarette after my heart returned to its regular beat.



I love this!  Ilovethis!! I LOVE THIS!!! 

I received such a boost from this piece that I started on the next quilt by writing on fabric.




  1. You really are 'barrakin' there woman. Fabulous work! You rock! Now you need some cinnamon buns to relax with (teehee)

  2. Wonderous! Both the piece and how you got it "there". I never question those rare moments of divine inspiration ... am just grateful they happen.

  3. Thanks for showing how you got there- that piece has movement and texture! Just love those serendipitous moments when the muse just seems to flow--

  4. Only thing I can even utter right now is "WOW" :-0 May the inspiration that is barrackin' you visit me for just a second!
    As always, you rock my world..

  5. WooHoo! This is awesome...don't you just love when the spirit takes control and all you have to do is follow! I think you were right, and I wasn't :>)