Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving right along....

The basement redo has been in a temporary stall pattern but will pick back up tomorrow.  My youngest son will get in on the act by painting the basement floor and my mother and I will make another big box store run.  My father is kinda eager to reclaim his garage space for his man-cave activities but not half as eager as I am to reclaim my basement space for my woman-underground art making!

I backed myself into a corner meeting a deadline for today but with the cooperation of friends it will be met.  Saving the information for what I hope to be a winter annoucement.

A gallery in Yellow Springs, Ohio will be hanging some of my pieces in October and Bev and I will be going up sometime that month to do a demonstrations (of something, I'm not sure what yet).  Although, I came late to knowing who David Chappell was, maybe we'll bump into him while in Yellow Springs and we can have coffee and he'll purchase one of my pieces.  Now wouldn't that be off the wall, on the hook, off the chain, over the speed bump, under the tree, fly the sky fantastic! 

Three things made my day yesterday!!! E. called to say she had takent her last radiation treatment and together we shouted and went ahead and claimed the victory over cancer.  This propelled me out of bed and I went out to mail the Iraqi Bundle of Love feeling good from my head to my toes.  I was imagining what the impressions of an Iraqi woman would have to the fabric selections...where they hip enough, too dull, too bright...would she be an urban woman, rural woman, young, old, etc.  I closed my day out with an email from the woman who will become my youngest son's piano teacher.  He has expressed an interest so we're going to let him get on the bus and see how far he rides. 


 gelatin plate printing


  1. Glad the basement redo is moving along, albeit slower than you would like!
    I got the lovely postcard- it is with other art cards in my studio, where it can remind me of you!

  2. Wonderful post with lots of hope and plans. You rock!

  3. Hi, and thank God that things are moving right along and getting back, and better than they were before.
    I'm just hearing a lot about the gelatin thing. I bought Rayna Gillman's new book titled "Create Your Own Hand-Painted Cloth" the other day and she has a section on this method. I'm looking forward to trying this when the weather is a little cooler.
    Very Interesting.

  4. man, you are in exciting times! can't wait to hear more about that news you're saving! and, i hope your son loves the lessons...they really made a hug difference in my life. take care, karen!

  5. Jonathan Green has to be my favorite artist...there was a commissioned ballet based on his art work.

  6. from one rockin' woman to another, thanks!

  7. carol, its fun and easy...i was surprised at the texture of the gelatin the most...and its still in the basement fridge because i forgot about it...but i haven't opened the door in over a month. the gelatin was made as far back as June, maybe May.

  8. myste, my son is 17 but he LOVES music and sings a lot...he is a late bloomer (sheltered child)...i just want him to find his niche sooner than later.

  9. Kristin, I had this light bulb moment when I was in the post office mailing off the IBOL...wouldn't it be cool to do a 7 continents quilt round robin...I have no earthly idea how to make such a thing happen without a quilt getting lost in the post but it would be very cool to do.

  10. yummy gelatin print!!
    How is your studio coming along? I am without one right now, as my dh and his friend are installing windows. I'm so excited over the prospect of actually having some natural light under which to work! WooHoo!!!!