Friday, August 28, 2009

It goes...

which is better than it not going.

Just a summary update on the basement restoration which I'm calling "Beginning Again".  Basement framed, drywall installed, shower is in, sink too wide, toilet works, washer, dryer, hot water heater delivered, electrician called, electrician needs to come back, progress made, FEMA added to the pot...more to come.

I've added a new photo album in my sidebar to document the restoration but so far it only has 3 photos in it. 

I have creative outlets that I've put in place in order to keep my hands, mind, and ideas flowing but so far I've not been inclined to do any of them.  Just been feeling a little flat, ya know what I mean? 

The books and magazines that I had to throw out have been replaced and receiving them has been a source of joy and perks in what sometimes has seemed like endless days.  I greatly appreciate the assistance and kind comments. 




  1. I know what you mean. I'm happy that it is all coming back together even if teh process is slow. i suppose now that you've worked in teh space a while you probably have a better idea of how to put it back together bigger and better than before! To great new beginnings! :-)

  2. I am so happy that all the print material has been replaced for you. You have so many friends out here who want to see you back in your workshop. K is right - it will be an even better space.

  3. Here's to a new, improved studio! It is kind of like those drawing boards we used to have as kids where you draw and then lift up the plastic and have a clean slate! Take care and know that we all are cheering you on.

  4. What a wonderful family to show up when you most need them! Beginning again and better than ever!

  5. Your progress lets me know there is hope for my mess also.
    Best Wishes for things being better than before.

  6. I have been stricken with cluster migraines all week and am 'way whacked neurologically. Got tired of stabbing myself with mis-aimed needles so I am mainly in staring into space mode with some time devoted to collecting leaf prints from my garden. Have you ever painted journal pages with textile dye? Sandra Meech's new book has me thinking bout it ...

  7. I pre-ordered her book and now have it but haven't sat down to read it. I'm actually leisurely reading my art quilt books since the redo was stalled. But ya know, the miserly me speaking...that would be a great way to use up old dye stock that has lost its effectiveness.

  8. She makes the point that, with dye painting, the pages won't stick to each other as often occurs with acrylic paints or ink...