Sunday, January 24, 2010

I really hate to loose something...

its not a doll, toy, watch, or even my lover man...but my current art journal with my assignments.  yeah, i can replace it, but thats not the point.

You mean "lose" right? old proofreaders  persnicketyness persnickety proofreader. 

Now if the persnickety proofreader was just as good at channeling lost items...umm????


  1. I don't know where but it's leaning, spine up, against something and it's in the dark.

  2. I'm sure it will resurface after you start over on whatever project was percolating between it's covers....

  3. Hi, Karen, I have lost something, too. A major piece of my work, it is awful. Hope you find you journal. BTW, I want to pick up the sewing table, I am looking for my email from you so I can call you and make arrangements. Maybe your journal is under it, so I really need to get it out of your way.

  4. Hi, Karen. I will lose somethins too. I am not satisfied at my present work so much.

  5. my sister-in-law swears that as soon as you quit looking it will turn up....and I have found that to be oh so true!