Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kicking off the year!

Well la ti da, looka here, looka here...this cold fluffy stuff that is so pretty to look at but whose reality is a bit harsh finally found us...the frigid temps wasn't enough, it had to go and snow! Its only a few inches but, still, ya know how I feel about the season that shall not be named. 


But I was not daunted! No, beloved, I managed to keep myself distracted and warm and worked my plan in spite of it all! 

Freemotion Machine Embroidery
FME Exercises (Shinn) 

Visual Language
VL (Dunnewold, Benn, Morgan)

Mindful Meandering Exercises 
MM (Fritz)  

What I've committed to doing this time around with my outlined curriculum (see previous post) is to stick with the exercises, ride them out so to speak, go a little further with them, versus rushing through them in order to get to the "fun" part.  For example, take the expanded shape exercises (middle image above). Instead of doing 10-20 of them and then moving to the next exercise, I'm going to overlap the exercises and continue to do the previous exercises while moving to the next one.  This will add some "depth" to what I do instead of moving through fast.  Afterall, the purchase of books is a serious investment and it doesn't make sense to keep adding to my shelves without really getting the benefit from them.  I'm even abandoning my approach to keep my books in pristine condition.  Why? For What?  No, this time I'm highlighting, making notes in the margins...really pushing myself to engage with the efforts that each author has made. 

Other happenings this week was finding 4 painted whole cloths that was my first intended series.  I didn't even remember doing them until I saw them and one of them just might become the background for the Audubon piece.  How sweet it is to look at something with new eyes, eh!? 

And another fresh discovery for this week is observing very little dye wash-out with acid dyes on silk which leads me to the conclusion that most of the dye adhers to the cloth.  Here are the scarves waiting for a 2nd layer of something...I'm thinking of some hand writing, any ideas for me?

Looking at these colours, I must have Spring on my mind :)



  1. Karen,
    1. Thanks for the comments on my blog and soooo sorry to turn you on to "good butter." It has added significantly to my bottom line.
    2. Thanks for the inspiration that is your blog. I admire your determined way to push through many barriers for your art.
    3. I am so excited for your gallery/work space. It sounds so exciting.
    4. I like your choice of music.
    5. Those silk scarves could use some large stamped images. They will be ready just in time for Spring fashion shows. That blue is beautiful!

  2. Definitely some sort of Karoda vocabulary would be dynamite on those beautiful colours.
    And must be thinking Spring after that mass of snow you guys got in this, the-season-that-shall-not-be-named!

  3. Love following your blog!

  4. Thanks Suzan, we could form a mutual admiration blog following society :)

  5. thanks Sandy for popping in and commenting. if you have any music recommendations, please share...i love discovering soulful, deep sounds...instrumental or vocal, doesn't matter.