Friday, March 5, 2010

On Children...

Mo helped me pull the last bit of straightening up The Basement today.  (Thank you so much!)  I have an 18 month old grandson who isn't showing any understanding that Grandmama's art supplies are sacred territory...unlike my great-neice who very well understood that Aunt Karen's supplies were not to be messed with unless she was there to give permission and guidance. 

Yesterday I was at The Studio and started another scarf on the needle felt machine.  I felted together dreadlocks of wool together and plan to lay it over a silk scarf or shawl.  Adrian, my oldest son, hung out with me yesterday while there...he likes the feel of the place.  I spent the time bouncing ideas off of him about what he sees for his own future.  One of the ideas I threw at him was up-cycling furniture into art furniture...he turned it over but I don't think he quite caught the vision.  Its my prayer that he settles himself down and focus.

Ade helped Mr. Williams, an award winning retired photo-journalist, photograph a wedding last weekend.  Ade is a laid back and cool, calm, and collected young man when not around immediate family, but he was hyped and excited and nervous in a good way before and after working with Mr. Williams.  We love to see him excited...of my 3 children, he carries the artist spirit.

I don't know why I've interjected tidbits about my family other than creating a partial recollection of the past week I've shared with them...or possibly sharing the creative connections we've had this week.  I don't know if Khalil Gibran had children of his own...but some years ago, a sistah friend introduced me to his poem, On Children and when I'm contemplating healthy boundaries with my children who are young adults, I reflect on Gibran's poem. 

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  1. That poem totally reflects my parenting style. Love it. Nice to hear you talking about your children.