Monday, March 29, 2010

Did you hear me howling????

Why didn't someone tell me just how good The Book of Eli is!  It has to be that once rare blue moon that I take a hankering to go to the movies but on a spur of the moment Peter and I decided to go Saturday night...the intention was to see Avatar but it only showed once and we had missed it.  I sat there for most of the movie asking myself "where is this going?"...the story line is not new (hero set out to save the world) but OH WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST 10-15 minutes of the movie had me howling!!!! (okay, i didn't really howl but surpressed it...although i had great difficulty understanding why the audience was so sedate because it definitely should have been a communal howling experience!)   In my surpressed howl, it was one of those howls when 10,000 ancestors show up and raise their glasses to toast!  Timeless wisdom came through and the story found its soul!!!!!  The story has stayed with me...issues of commitment, faith, education, sight, power,...I awoke Sunday morning with the movie on my mind after dreaming about interviewing Denzel on why he took the role.  In the dream he said something about his own career being a walk of faith and he wanted to remind young people including his own children about what it means to be committed.  (My nephew Eric may not know how to choose a college basketball team but his recommendations for movies has improved greatly!)


Mindful Meandering Exercises1


In The Basement last week I kicked in a few hours...practiced fmq and fme as part of The Learning Curve curriculum and on Friday, just before leaving, I painted this cauldron.  It was a photo printed on fabric that didn't print well due to ink heads needing to be cleaned.  Its been in the scrap pile for weeks.  I picked it up and taped it to the table and selected paints and started playing...not too much forethought (less damage that way)...but looking at it this morning I'm thinking my Crow piece might morph into Crows and Cauldrons.

Anaya remains in NICU.  If her respirations stay down for the next couple of days she will come home. She is filling out and looking good.  She only weighed 6lbs and 2ozes when she was born...I'm so use to 8 pounders that 6 sounded small to me.   Deep down, I know that everything has its place and is in order.  Hugs to  those who have sent blessings and prayers. 


  1. Sending more hugs and prayers. It is good to see you being creative in the workshop.

  2. Just prayed for you and the little princess. Praying for your complete recovery and get up and go to get going. Sounded like the movie was worth seeing. I'm one of those people who never get to see a movie until everyone on the planet have seen it. I'll be reminded to pick it up when it is at Walmart for $5.00 or less. LOL

  3. Carol I go to the movies about once every 3,4,5 years and since discovering netflix I never buy movies as I do not like to re-watch them...but this one I will buy and could easily re-watch inspite of having to sit through the the first hour or so...the last 15 minutes I found to be THAT GOOD!

  4. Gerrie, in the last few months I don't PLAN or SCHEDULE...but when I'm at my parents' house and find myself FREE, I just up and go to the basement...this is working for me right now. And thank you for the prayers, truly! She had a ct-scan today on her lungs. Anaya is filling out and gaining weight and seems to be doing "good" but those darn respirations keep bouncing up too high for her to come home.

  5. Hope Anaya will be home for Easter! Prayers and well wishes continue here! Keep us posted.