Friday, August 20, 2010

Altering Quilts and Awards

DSCN3798 - Copy

This quilt belongs to the poetry series but I wasn't happy with it when I completed it and over a year ago. I'm still not happy with it.  For one, I've ironed the heck out of the middle section at the bottom and that crease will not come out.  Two, the vertical seams are not straight and that bothers me for this piece. Third, the horizontal strips need to be narrower and the colours are slightly off for what I intended.  Maybe if they had been narrower they wouldn't distract me.  What I love about the piece is the fabrics I created  (with the circles and writing) and the colours of those. 

These are the thoughts I have: One, cut them into three individual pieces, (see below). Two, cut it into postcards; or, three, make my first journal covers or small purses.  Since I'm not attached to this piece I'm open for suggestions.  (There is prolly someway to add a poll feature, but I don't have the time to investigate).  Leave your ideas in the comments...and peace :)


Postscript:  The above post was a draft I wrote yesterday for posting today but since last evening, my fantastic news that was announced at the LAFTA meeting is my quilt, Urban Egression, won the LAFTA award in the Fine Arts division/Constructed Textiles category.  The jurying process was a blind one with 3 jurors from the organization.  I haven't attended a meeting in months so it felt like divine guidance for me to have the energy and inclination to attend.  I instantly had goosebumps from head to toe.  I have the image upon my FB photos, but I'm on a different computer right now and will upload the image later.  Again, Peace...and have a super fantastic weekend!


  1. First, I see nothing wrong with the first quilt you show. Second, the second picture looks very good to me also. What is the second photo any way? Did you already cut the piece up? (I don't understand) And third, we are always our own worse critic.
    By the way, CONGRATULATIONS on the win.

  2. Marilyn LaMoureauxAugust 20, 2010 at 3:57 PM

    Are you feeling moved in your own gut towards one of those solutions? It's hard to imagine actually cutting it up! So happy for your win Karen!

  3. Hi Carol, I haven't cut it yet...the second photo is actually 3 different cropped images exploring what I could do with the quilt. I'll wait a while longer before I decide what to do with it. Thanks so much...

  4. I agree with the piece as is.
    But if you are still not feeling it you know what my choice would be of the 3 solutions you posed.....journal covers (of course) or, a close 2nd, fab for a cute purse or two.

  5. I've already congratted you on your well deserved blue. I'm thrilled for you, and can just imagine the goosebumps! How cool is that, girl??!!!
    OK, to this quilt. I really love your quilting on this piece, so to cut it up into postcards or purses would be such a shame, in my humble opinion. If the uncreaseable crease really bothers you that much, please just cut that portion out somehow. It's a wonderful piece, and like you, I love the fabrics you created!
    Peace Dear Heart!

  6. I absolutely LOVE the circle fabric in this piece. You used two things I really like to see in fabric--writing and symbolic. I have to weigh in on the "I-like-it-the-way-it-is" side, but I know how frustrating it is if something about a piece really bothers you. I'm thinking (if you must) change it that you might rework the piece as a whole. Think about possibly adding something over the crease to hide it or make it look more deliberate. You might also be able to reduce the "weight" of the horizontal lines by adding something to the lines either to make them blend more into the background or emphasize something WITHIN the line rather than the line itself. Congratulations on the win at the fair. It was fun to see you get the news at the LAFTA meeting.

  7. I love this piece. If you absolutly don't have a clue of what to do with it, give it to me. I love it as is. You know I have always wanted a piece of your work before you get famous. I love the circles; I love the color, and as for the horizontal lines I thought it was creative, and part of your design plan.