Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I wonder if Beauford ever heard the whoosh?

Since the end of July I've been on a creative high but yesterday in The Basement Workshop it just wasn't happening.  I forced myself to finish quilting a "practice" piece that bottomed out when I attempted to add another layer of painting after I finished quilting it.  It is somewhat of an abstracted landscape.  I brought it home with me to continue pondering to see if it can be saved...even though it is a practice piece for free-motion quilting, it still was discouraging to have ucked it up in the last stages.  I could hear the flushing of my time going right down the commode.   Of course logically I know that even the failures are investments toward skill, but emotionally I heard that long whooshing sound when all felt in vain. Here is a sectional view of where it went all wrong-


Actually, I know it can be redeemed, it's just going to push me harder to wrap my head around colour control and painting technique.

Weather wise we are catching a big break this week.  Cooler temperatures and low humidity.  I'm staying home today but will enjoy the weather from the balcony.  Will try to finish the bio on the artist Beauford Delaney.  Peace,


  1. I too am frustrated by how I "uck" up something marginal so that it is truly awful. I try to find 15 minutes a day to make art/quilts and often I find that I am forcing myself too too much. Maybe I'll even share my new failures!

  2. You'd really have to see more to see that it is not redeemable. Colors and all look good to me. It'll come to you in time. Just put it up on the design wall and look at every now and then. It will tell you what to do.

  3. our intellectual and emotional forms of intelligence can stand miles apart at times. I was hoping if you did decide to deem this piece a failure that it could be cut into pieces that might wind up being the "perfect" element in some currently unimagined piece of the future. Yes. I'm a pollyanna that way. No evidence of perceived time and energy drain left behind, so to speak.