Thursday, October 7, 2010

Its All Good!

I'm going to stamp this in the blogosphere and then get a good night sleep and trust the process that I'll know what to do by Monday.  There are 3 choices:  stay in my current studio location in Mellwood; move across the hallway; or move into a larger space and share with a wonderfully energizing artist.

Option 1 Pros and Cons:

I've 5 steps from the big sinks!!! 2 doors down from a great neighbor!!!!!  The space has been blessed and I'm rooted!!!  2 doors provide a wonderful flow to entering and exiting during special events.  Closest to the bathrooms.  The heating and cooling pocket is stable and adequate.  The negative is the burden of covering the rent. 

Option 2 Pros and Cons:

Better lighting and exposure to oustide windows.  10 steps from the sink.  space size is almost the same as current and rent is 75 less a month.  Get to keep my neighbors Janet and Michael. Negative is it is off a secondary hallway that dead ends and visitors during special events rarely walk down that hallway.  Unsure of the heat and cooling as some spots in Mellwood are get too warm/too cold.

Option 3 Pros and Cons:

Space is larger than current space and very adequate for sharing and I vibed really well with the other artist.  There is better lighting and exposure to outside windows.  Shared rent is cheaper than the other options 1 and 2 and would save 140 each month.  If for some reason I end up in the studio alone later, it still would be less than my current cost.  Negatives are further, much further from the sinks and would tax me more physically and thus could lead to even less time in the studio and working even slower than I already do.  (I could pull a little red wagon to and fro or learn to balance a 5 gallon bucket on my head like my African sisters do)  This space is further from the bathroom and I'd loose my neighbors and the neighbors in that hallway do not seem to be in much during the day and when they are I hear power tools buzzing and banging on that end.  The foot traffic is better than option 2 and prolly the same as what I have now because it is closer to the entrance but it also deadends.  Lastly, I'm unsure of the heating/cooling flow.

Now, since living involves facing challenges and dilemnas, I'm thrilled to have this problem when I look back over my life and see how far I've come...oh, excuse me, I thought this was the part of the program where I testify.  Eitherway, all the options are good.  It is just a matter of coming to a conclusion about where to place priority and the compromises.




  1. Seems all of these are good problems to have. I like the idea of you being as close as you can be to what you need and you can always do some things on the wall (if they let you) to lure visitors your way on those event days. So with all of that said, I'd recommend (of course it's up to you) Option 1 with the blessing that more traffic and more convienence means more sales and more ability to cover the rental fee. But I'm just throwing my one cent opinion out there. You'll make the right choice for you and it will be wonderful.

  2. go 'head on and testify! thank you for putting your dilemma in the true light- that it is a blessing/luxury to have it in the first place! i'm afraid that i'll be no help in the decision making...but i'll pray!

  3. I just thought, the best situation logistically would be to take BOTH option two and three and move out of the basement! But financially it would aggravate me more. But you've designated Fridays for dreaming right!?

  4. Myste, I need all I can get! lol and yes, just having this kind of luxury generates good energy!

  5. a bewildering array of options. I put it that way because I am always one for the easy way (bathrooms/sink proximity) but then to step back and look at all the pros and cons. The luxury of it not actually being my own decision to make - well I don't know. That makes option three look damn good to me. I started wondering if somehow you sensed this coming down the pike and that is why you began to think in terms of sometime in the future when you might not be able to manage the immersion dyeing. Is there a way to go fullout with dyeing between now and the end of the month? Assuming the rental segments are lined up with calendar months?

  6. Hi Karen, I tried to e-mail you concerning your comments on my website, but it came back (unable to deliver). Please let me know where I can e-mail you successfully.

  7. take door number 2. you know not want to heard all that noise, this is my 2 cent take on it.