Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is this and nothing more.

Every day I wake up to a new resolve about the studio situation...thus far, I can tell you that option 3 is no longer an option.  The other day my daughter and grandson were visiting and he is one busy body and it hit me that I wouldn't want to increase my worry when he is there over having materials and art by someone other than Nana's.  He has yet to grasp the concept of boundaries.

If I can work it out with management to not move in until Dec., I'm going to take the space around the corner.  The last respectable trolley hop will be the Friday after Thanksgiving and I want to stay in current location just in case I get the traffic flow like I did for the Art Fair.

Soooooooo...thats that!

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  1. Hey Karen: your dilemma has made me think about actually having studio space outside the house eventually. right now, i've had fun trying to consolidate it all, yet make sure i have a separate space for writing, quilting and sleeping/eating/lounging.
    this is suspenseful. i'll keep reading to see what you decide.