Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My love affair with a book

How excited have you ever gotten over the purchase (when you actually walk into a book store and buy it) or arrival (ordered from Amazon or some other online seller) of a new book?  

Months ago I pre-ordered this book:

El Anatsui
          El Anatsui/When I Last Wrote to You About Africa (isn't the cover so damn gorgeous!!!!)

and it arrived yesterday.  After washing my hands and sanitizing them, I flipped through and read passages and looked at some of the art work, but for me to really sit down to read this book, I must first create a ceremony that goes like this...

                I'm home alone, (no human sounds at all).  I'm sitting in the comfy chair, the blinds                 are open and the day is bright.  I'm wearing my favorite frumpy clothes and I'm                 drinking tea or wine depending on the time of day.  One of my journals is close by to                 capture thoughts as I read and meditate on ideas and images.  I'm in no rush to do                 anything...laundry is done, dinner prepared, and I'm not answering the telephone.

Do I need to tell you how often I have days like this?  It will be awhile before I can savor this book...but I feel like the woman in the Kohler commercials who pulls a faucet out of her hand bag and says "design a kitchen around this".  I want a day designed around this book.



  1. What a luxury to sit down and read a delicious book like this one is sure to be (or even to sit down during the day at all and read!). His work is so gorgeous - I saw it many years ago at the Newark Museum and flipped. Every time I seee more if it, I am seriously awed. May this book give you many days of joy, as you savor it.

  2. Jeesh Karen,
    I start reading your blog and two minutes later I'm buying a new book. Thanks for blogging about it, I love his work and can't wait to spend time looking at the book

  3. you're welcome Karen...blogging is about making great connections, right?

  4. To my knowledge, his work hasn't been here...I'm planning on stealing a day around TG...thanks.

  5. You've introduced me to a new-to-me phenomenal artist....thank you, which makes understand the need to create the ideal time and place to take in all that the book and artists offers.