Friday, January 13, 2012

A day with angels...Lauren and Penny

Last Saturday I met up with Lauren for breakfast at Toast and after some great catching up conversation we drove over the bridge to New Albany, Indiana to see the Form Not Function Exhibit.  Just as we were arriving (and unbeknownst to us)  the end of the juror's gallery talk was going on and we were able to hear the last comments being made. Tomorrow is a family workshop on freezer paper screen printing from 10-12.

These are just my general observations from a first time viewing, but it appeared that fewer quilts were selected compared to previous years and that the lowest percentage was representation art compared to previous years.  I'll make more trips to the exhibit before it comes down in March.

After we left FNF, we went to The Gallery on Pearl where Penny Sisto has her latest solo exhibit, ANGELS.  I would have missed this if not for the mention by the Director at the Carnegie.  Penny has a diverse community inside of her and she expresses them so beautifully and hauntingly in her art.  She is giving a gallery talk tonight that I had planned to attend but the temps have dropped down into the 20s with a below zero wind-chill factor and Mama (meaning me) just can't cut it.

Penny honored me by using one of the fabrics I made at the Crow Barn as a background fabric for one of her Angels.  I didn't have a clue and would not have known if I hadn't seen the show.  Here is a photo:

Photo (4)

Photo (7)

Penny is among the angels in my own personal journey.

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  1. Thanks for sharing Karen, I enjoyed the visit to all the sites mentioned in your post. How did you design the fabric that Penny used as background for her angel. Looks complicated to me.