Monday, January 2, 2012

The gift of burden or the burden of gift? ORGANIZING.

This morning I started reading Organizing Solutions for Every Quilter by Carolyn Woods. Organization is just an ongoing reality that I seem to address at least every 6 months.  The start of a new year is a good time as any to deal with it.  

My 2 main causes of clutter (following the book's to do) is 1. not enough horizontal work space.  I need a designated space to put thing I'm using when at the print table to keep the print table clear to move on; and 2. not good use of vertical space (do I keep the windows clear for good energy circulation or do I block the windows? has always been my dilemma).  

The next thing Woods instructs is to do a list of pros and is mine:

Room Characteristics to Change

 Insufficient heat when below 20 degrees F in winter (space heater and work from home more)

 Not enough drawers (chest of drawer conversion to consolidate plastic drawers awkward to slide or use metal drawers to create storage and more horizontal space).

 Not enough shelves (use chrome shelf that is in storage)

 Not set-up for quilting larger quilts (possibly bring in other folding table)

 Insufficient design wall (?)

 No natural lighting (take track lighting out and replace with shop light)

 Focus is mostly on wet work (more balance if other folding table can fit)

 Dislike paint colours (paint in the spring)

 Poor use of vertical space (chrome shelves and stack blue wire shelves on top of desk)

 Inconsistent use of mixed media to justify space it takes up. (if the other folding table comes in, use for mixed media)

 Room Characteristics to Keep

 Great cooling in summer (work in studio more)

 Concrete floor (mats and rugs)

 Location to sinks (love this!)

 Location to other artists (love this)

 Can work from both sides of print table (better than from one side)

 Mixed Media set-up  (materials need to stay but take of less space)

 Small-medium sized quilts can be constructed. 

 One window dedicated to display.

 2 doorways great for Open Studios

Shared space.

Along with blocking some of the windows (energy) is the on-going situation with having 50-feet of oxygen tube attached to me when in the studio...I try to keep an open in the middle floor plan to keep it from getting caught on something as well as keeping the energy flowing and not being blocked by visual clutter.    I prefer having furniture anchored against a wall instead of extending out to the middle of the room.  The sewing table extends but that is because it keeps me facing both doors (it is an energy thing) and the print table extends toward the center but it is good for energy because I can work aroun it and neither of these items is over the bottom ledge of the window.  This probably only makes sense to me, but if you've read this far, you deserve kudos!








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