Monday, January 2, 2012

We made it babee! The grace of another year!

This will be my 3rd year in a row to give "learning curves" (reading and following exercises with daily accountability) another attempt.  In previous years I maintained a seperate blog page to share my schedule with any blog visitors who might have been interested in joining me, but then the page tab was haunting me after I abandoned the practice so I deleted it).

The 1st year I thought diversity would be the key to make "learning curves" fun.  The 2nd year I thought a central focus would be the key and I had 4 books all related to digital art.  This year, year number 3, I'm going to limit it to 2 books and keep the digital focus.  I'll decide on which 2 books by Friday, but I'm leaning toward Gloria Hansen's Digital Essentials and Lura Schwarz Smith's Digital Quilting.  

As far as "distractions" I'm adding the Strathmore free workshops to the mix and when I take a notion, the Sketchbook challenge.  I will not be taking any major workshops this year although Jane LaFazio will be coming to the area in the spring and I'm tempted but I do not want to rearrange my plans to accomodate the change in budget.  As it relates to the previous post, my goal is to obtain a larger space at Mellwood or a 2nd smaller space.  The idea space right behind me has once again come open but I'm not ready to take it.  

There are other books I'm working through but I'm not sharing the activities just yet...mainly because the pace depends on how often I get into the studio during the cold weather and they are not imperative as my other goals around creating and finishing a minimum of 5 new large for me quilts along with small-to-medium size pieces prior to Sept. 2013.

My word for last year was jubilation...the experiences that gave me jubilation after they were done and over...namely my mother's surgery last spring and her move...alongside those events, the time spent with Claire and Leslie and seeing my 2nd Quilt National exhibit at the opening weekend with my good friend Bev and the day I spent with sistah-friends Penny in her studio and wooded retreat and Valerie on a day the Lord held us together.  

My drive word this year will be tenacity!   


  1. I love reading your posts. You're always so uplifting and inspirational in one way or another. I'm motivated to get going and doing some of the things I have been thinking about, but had not yet put them into action. Love, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Happy New Year. My word this year will be "enjoy" I think!
    Take care!