Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Come and see me!!!!!!!

and even buy some art...if not from me, surely you'll find something to your loving and price point at The Good Folk Fest!  Go to www.junkabillyart.com for more info.

I'm sharing a 12'x12' booth with Mary Jo and Bev.  I've ran myself crazy yo-yo-ing about what I was able to do and not do.  Bev has reminded me at least 3 times in the last few weeks that this was all about having fun when we agreed to do this.  I think I'll feel better come Friday...I wanted to complete 3 quilts before then...realistically, if I get 1 completed, (just needs binding) I'll be doing good.  The 2nd one is 1/3 quilted, the 3rd one just finished the design top and layered with batting but no backing yet.  The 3rd one will get lots of embellishment with about 40+ 1/2 inch baby dolls so I'm considering just quilting through the top 2 layers and then fusing a backing on the top.

The 3 can be seen in this really short clip.

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