Saturday, July 9, 2005

The beginning of Shining Cilium

Yesterday I was jazzed about entering Harmonic Cilium into the Indelible Spirit Challenge.  At 3:30 this morning (insominia) I was reading over the requirements and discovered the piece is not large enough for the juried show.  Brief disappointment was followed by a jubilant thought of "great, then this piece is free for other things, and I wanted to do a series anyways, so this is the opportunity to get busy on the next one".  I tried to lay back down to sleep but then my mind was turning over how the next one would be different but embody the same theme...then I thought to heck with all this cognitive imaging and jibber at 5:00 I was pulling fabric choices to the living room floor (didn't want to wake Peter who has been working 12 hour shifts).  Made a choice and started sewing.  This one will be more gold or bronze, (Shining Cilium is the working title and the series will be called Liberation) will be couched, painted, and foiled just like the other one but larger and the layout will vary.   What I accomplished this morning is laying on the kitchen table waiting for paint to dry. 

I have a tendency to over think and never start the ideas in my head because I think I can't work at the pace my ideas come and don't want to fall short on the delivery, but in spite of not being able to sleep, it felt really great to get up and act on the idea at the time the idea struck.  I'm finding that the movement of my hands seems to bring about visual clarity and generates more ideas to the piece in my hands.  I compared this to multi-tasking, but I've never liked that phrase...its more like all the senses being open to receive, energy flows, but it is focused to the activity that the hands are manipulating...have you ever seen a glassmaker in action?   Well if you watch her long enough you realize she is thinking in motion and all those steps involved become so focused and centered that the work becomes a dance in and of itself.  It was a great experience for me to realize that I was in that same space this morning.  I'm going to catch a few hours of sleep, get up and make coffee, some breakfast for the family, and get back to the dance ;).


okay, drats, we are under ozone layer alert...just heard that on the radio.  i'm noticing that these days when i'm out and about increase fatigue.  it pisses me off because i understand that the problems with the ozone is manmade.  there are just days i want to break out of the matrix and create my own subversive and beautiful reality.


  1. Karoda
    You can enter into the nonjudged category if your piece doesn't meet the size requirements. I found out the hard way also. Maybe I can accomplish another peice before the deadline, but only if I get inspired like you've been. I was happy to see you decided to go for this!

  2. Cathy, I started the other piece and daggone it if I didn't run out of foil. I purchased it in Paducah 3 years ago from Laura Murray Designs. I spent Saturday looking for foil for fabric all over town...and zip, nada, sol,...I placed a mail order from LMD this morning but I just am irritated at having to wait for it to arrive. A friend emailed me that she had some, so I hope she has the colour I'm working with.

  3. Keep dancin'---working intuitively is very fulfilling!