Thursday, July 7, 2005

Naming your quilts

I think I may have asked this before, but since Mary noticed I don't always name my pieces, I thought I'd bring it up again for more input since the ring has expanded. 

The piece below I named from the way it made me feel while working on it.  From looking at the piece as a stranger would, the name isn't apparent.  What ways do you name your pieces?  When I attempted to meditate on the visual of the Inner Liberation, I thought of 'Harmonic Texture'.  Then I looked up the word 'texture' in the thesarus and came across 'cilia' which I then looked up in the dictionary and it short it is a microscopic hair like structure that activates cells for motion.  From here, I thought that is what I felt when I worked on this piece and thought Harmonic Cilium would be a more appropriate name. What do you think? 


  1. The writer in me shows in that I always know the names of my quilts first. For me, the fun becomes interpreting it.

  2. For me, quilt names are an all or nothing sort of thing. Either the absolute Perfect Name comes to me immediatly or I think and dither and eventually choose something that's merely "good enough" because I can't think of anything better.
    I've threatened many times to just buy a baby names book and start choosing human names at random for my quilts. That would certainly confuse some people, yes?

  3. Love the Harmonic, not so comfortable about Cillum. Even though it is very descriptive, the piece has such a beautiful flow that a single word feels appropriate....but whadda I know.

  4. Karen,
    I usually don't name the quilt right away, but keep my ears and eyes open while I'm quilting it for ideas...e.g., a couple of weeks ago, while finishing up a quilt I was going to call "Flourish 3", I was listening to an interview on NPR about the Harlem Renaissance. And it clicked. That's the name of the quilt and I think it fits, at least in my mind. I've been meaning to photograph it and post it. Will do that soon.

  5. It seems that the process for me will be different stages of naming a piece...there is a title while still in draft and design stages but then I feel comfortable changing a title after it is finished if I feel it needs changing to be more reflective of the process and my intent.