Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Egress and Sunspots

I'm predictable...I can attend to all the fun things this morning here at the computer while drinking sumatra dark brew when there is a mountain of clean clothes on my couch waiting to be put away...but as promised heres the card I made for the Art Doing Good fundraiser:

Egress Egress

And here is the 3rd card I received in the AQ postcard swap. It is from Deb. I recognized it as hers before I flipped it over...this sun is her logo (is that second to shoes?).  But I'd like a logo of some that when you see an element in my work, you go, "oh that is a Karoda".  lol...I'll get there.

Postcard_from_debrichardson Sunspots #11


  1. Yay, glad it made it!!
    Only two more to go and all of mine will have made it to where they're going. (Fingers crossed.)
    Love your daughter's note to her dad. :-)

  2. wow, your card is soo colourfull and cool! Nice one!