Thursday, September 1, 2005

Sunflowers, Paradoxes, Transparency

Dscn0860 Dscn0864Mo checks on her sunflowers as soon as she comes through the door from school and before she goes to bed at night.  She is such an attentive parent.  The other one below shares the same pot but has you can see, is a little slower in it's growth. This one is a different species and she thinks it will have purple petals.  But if it doesn't do something soon, it will fall victim to colder temperatures.  My friend, Dee, tells me that sunflowers are a hearty and tenacious flower, so maybe the purple one we will get to see bloom before the winter arrives.               


My sewing machine has been gone for over a week. I'm hoping I can pick it up tomorrow or Saturday.  I've missed it's towering presence on my kitchen table and have been trying to fill the void from all the sewing I was going to knock out this week (yeaaaahhhh, riggghtttttt) by washing and making necessary appointments and completing paperwork that I've been dragging on. But today I found myself examing a general malaise inside of me and decided to turn off the tv and listen to a cd that Mudman loaned me entitled Seasons Change by Fertile Ground.  So far so good.  The music and lyrics are jazz rooted and very polyrhythmic world beat to it and seem to be what I'm needing to guard against that down in the dumps harmonica playing blues feeling.  (Mudman, ya did good with this choice...but you can come get Lizz Fields and Goapele. With both of them I don't get a sense that the musicians and vocalist are in tune with one another.)  I kinda knew it was going to be a challenging day emotionally when I woke up with the word "paradox" on my mind.  After meditating on it for a while, I managed to doodle out what I hope to be another series of quilts.  But more on that when its time.

I'll exit this entry with a picture of my transfer experiment using an ink-jet transparency.  The picture is of my great niece, (I'm a great aunt, I just love saying that) Carmen.

Dscn0872_1 Dscn0718_1                                                                                                                              


  1. What gorgeous eyes Carmen has! I bought some Goldens gel medium but haven't had time to play, yet.

  2. What a dollface!!!!
    Can't you get a loaner machine while yours is getting serviced? I agree, you have to turn off the tv every now and then. Pretty sunflowers!

  3. Aargh! Don't you just hate it when you don't have your machine...even if you weren't going to use it, the angst over not having it is horrible. But you turned the day into some wonderful art...what a sweetheart Carmen is. I can see here all grown-up remembering the day you did these with such love.
    I agree with Mary, turn the d@## boob tube off and groove to the music.Thanks for giving me a dose of your kindness.

  4. Carmen is gorgeous!!
    Love all the stuff you've been working on lately.

  5. Carmen is just so cute, I could gobble her up! I think I feel a snuggle comin' on! ;)

  6. The sunflowers remind me of great creative energy!
    Thanks for the hint on my blog about "word verification." I've had a few creepy comments so far.....

  7. I want to try transfer medium. I've got a piece in my mind that's calling for it!
    Love the little one's pic and the sunflowers. Isn't Fertile Ground great??