Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I'm happy!

I've had an all up hill over rocks kinda day physically.  But I just checked the Art Doing Good Website and the postcard I donated finally sold!!!!! Whew! Seeing this just makes me feel soooo good and happy!  I had emailed Elle earlier saying I now understood how she felt when she donated the postcard for the American Cancer fundraiser and kept checking on it...I've been checking the site like a crazy woman to see if my postcard found a home.  I didn't think I would be that emotionally involved over my postcard being sold and how soon, etc., but I was.  The looming question over the weekend was 'what if I'm the only one on the planet that loved my card?'     A piece by Babara Olson followed mine (I just bought her book) then a string of intriguing images by Liz Berg and I thought, no way will my postcard move.  And I thought I would be content just knowing I tried to help and that would be enough (or that is what I told myself). Ha! A little humbling moment of self-discovery and joy all rolled into one! I do not have an image of it on this computer so I'll have to upload it later for everyone to drool over...but it you get curious and want to check it out before I get to it, (I'm slow but sure) the card is #298 on the site.

And even more happy joy joy...The Indelible Spirit Challenge went up and there is my quilt displayed on page 3.  Going through this was my first time addressing issues of packing and mailing it off, writing a statement for it, taking a photo to submit, (its not as clear as I thought it was but the close up is great!), and although I was puzzled and sometimes frustrated by this part of it, going through all the prep work felt very validating as well. 

There are at least 3 other Artful Quilters participating in the IS challenge. Cathy S. (who gave me a nudge to submit a piece), Cheryl S., and congratulations to Pat D. for receiving a Judge's Choice Award!  And while I'm singing praises and name dropping I'd like to thank Anne Copeland and Michele Verbeeck for their wonderful communication, organization, and work for making this happen.  I never stop being amazed when I see women so engaged. Hangeth in everyone!


  1. Karoda,
    #298 is very colorful and mosaic-like! I'm glad you are feeling happy and healthy. You go girl!

  2. Congratulations! I'm pleased for you.

  3. I know exactly how you feel. The first time I donated postcards for the American Cancer Society fundraiser, I was so afraid that no one would want them. It was such a relief when they sold quickly that I sent even more to Virginia and then sent some in for the Hurricane Katrina Red Cross effort.
    You did good! Keep at it!

  4. Very nice. I enjoyed seeing all the pieces come in for the hurricane relief fundraiser, but some made me go back for another look.
    I felt the same way doing the FiberArt for a Cause postcards -- I kept going back to check. I think seeing them sell was what got me making more and more!
    Now I have a few ready to go for the silent auction part at Houston. Posted photos on my website. But I won't be there to know what happens! :-(