Friday, September 29, 2006

I am that I am


It is 6am, I woke up an hour ago, bothered.  A vivid image for a quilt came to me right after I opened my eyes. An image that reflects the weight of race and gender issues.  I'm thankful that my sensitivity causes me to be aware and seek understanding, but when I can feel something in my skin, when the emotions vibrate through my body its too weighty and commanding.  Since my teen years through most of my adult life it was the calling of poetry to work it out.  Five or six years ago, I couldn't hear the calling, (I suspect it was related to culminated trauma caused by decades of pulmonary illnesses). It was during 2 consecutive stays in the hospital when  I begin to dream the visual.  Mostly what came and comes are lines and various shapes of colours and textures...but this morning the image was pictorial and vivid and I don't want to address these issues this way but I'm feeling called to make this quilt.  History is what it is, all I got is what I got, I am who I am, now what am I going to do with it?


  1. Ahhh! The angst of being an artist. You will work it out.

  2. You wrote:
    "I don't want to address these issues this way but I'm feeling called to make this quilt."
    I don't understand why don't you want to address these issues by making a quilt? Is it because they are disturbing issues, and you don't want to quilt about distrubing issues?
    For what it's worth - I think you *need* to quilt them, this is your current mode of expression and apparently you have something to say.

  3. Listen to your muse. It's therapeutic!
    Thanks for your good thoughts & comment about my sister.

  4. I also have quilt "visions". Sometimes I try to make them, and sometimes not.

  5. For some it's just fun, for some it's definitely a calling! You surely are a called one. Personally I love seeing people address the deeper things in life through art.