Saturday, September 9, 2006

If you see a woman

carrying around a quilt and asking total strangers if they "wanna see my quilt?", that would be me!  Yeap, I'm quit pleased and punch drunk with love for it!  I need to add the sleeve and label it and get it photographed.  I wish I could show it here but I just can't.

On Monday I'll begin the Weaving Poetics series and I'll be able to show them.



  1. September 11th is the perfect day to unveil your beautiful creation....this is the station I'll be tuned in to!

  2. You are such a tease. I want to see it, now!

  3. Ditto the tease statement, no fair to make us wait!

  4. I don't mean to tease, but I have plans to submit it into a juried show and the jurying is a blind process. Its killing me not to as I really feel good about it!