Saturday, September 30, 2006

It went down in the idea journal

Dscn2032 I appreciate the comments on yesterday's post.  Just so I wouldn't be tormented by trying to clarify if I would or wouldn't make the quilt, I put it in a notebook that I log ideas in only. That helped me relax somewhat about the quilt itself even though the issues are forever ongoing.

I have 14 days left in Studio 3 and I was stressing the approaching deadline for Form Not Function.  I just ordered slides for the first time...I paid for a 2 day turn around so I'm assuming that is what I'll get.  Between now and Tuesday afternoon I'm going to work on relaxing and focusing on the next piece for Weaving Poetics entitled The Robey Clock.  I figured out what was bothering me about Lena Bell (the quilt, not the woman herself) and have used this info to help me with the 2nd one.  I don't like the white area around the photo...should either be less of it or painted.  Also, the colour of the background itself leaves me feeling cold, possibly if I had painted the white area a colour that complemented the background colour it would have been more interesting to look at. 

So far, I'm loving everything about The Robey Clock but will add beads and 2 or 3 more photos and maybe the weave symbol.  They both are pinned to the carpet being blocked. Surprising to me, but I like rolling around on the floor with the spray bottle and iron to do this process.


  1. Nice photo of the goldenrod --- do you dye with it?

  2. I have very little knowledge about wildflowers or any type of plant life...just look at it and say "that is a beautiful scene" :) i can dye with that uh? its the view out of the studio i'll be in for the next 2 weeks.