Saturday, September 16, 2006

Woman's plans

didn't happen as she expected them to...but a new week is starting and I've gotten antsy about the Weaving Poetics series. My plan was to have one of them completed by now but my printer, which I need has a busted printhead and it had to be ordered online.  So the 2 days I made it to Studio 3 where not as productive as I unless something happens tomorrow where I can hunt down a printer to run fabric through, I'll have to come up with something else.  I could always make postcards but I think I'm over them.  I could have made some yesterday while I was there, but didn't, even with knowing I have a gallery that wants to carry them.  I was stuck trying to switch gears just to make the time productive while I was there.  In my mind the Weaving Poetics was firmly designed and made and when the printer didn't cooperate, I became scattered.  I can only pray that the printhead will arrive Monday and next week will run smoothly. 

Yesterday a new artist arrived and will be in Studio 1. He is a young man who recently graduated from The Savannah Institute of Art and Design (or is it Design and Art?) and it taking some time to regroup before worrying about his next step.  Also, a composer will be coming for a few days next week and will be in Studio 4.  I hope his/her music will be as melodious as the other composer who was there in June.

Friday a week ago, my friend Cari joined me in the studio to work on her handmade holiday cards which she has always done for years but then it wasn't moving her after 2-3 hours and only 4 or 5 were finished, so she pulled out some mola that she had started years ago in a workshop.  Dscn1968 Cari and I first met where we worked together years ago.  I first noticed her laughter that seemed deep and genuine (a rarity in that environment) and it was so refreshing that I was compelled to get to know her better.  She has an ecletic and creative spirit.

Yesterday as I piddled around I managed to take what I think are quality photos of the "top secret" quilt and then I played with my circular attachment.  This is the back of the sample which shows up better because the fabric on top Dscn2008was very busy. I must remember to use a stablizer if I'm going to use this in an actual quilt.  Dscn2007


  1. Sorry about the printer problem. It's such a pain to have to WAIT when you are all ready to go. I hope things work themselves out quickly.
    Tell me more about this cirular attachment! That looks so cool--

  2. Hi Karoda -
    You mentioned "The Savannah Institute of Art and Design (or is it Design and Art?)" Actually, it is the Savannah College of Art and Design affectionately known as SCAD. If you have not visited this location, please add this to your list. I LOVE Savannah and SCAD is downtown Savannah!
    Can't wait to see the Weaving Peotic series....

  3. I really have trouble regrouping when something I have planned doesn't go "right" ...I'm trying to get over that...can't wait to see your new creation!! Ginger

  4. Karoda, thanks for visiting my "spot" - thanks for using the word "cheerful" to describe my piece. I'm glad that'd the emotion you experienced. BTW, Quilt-gasm - I know this feeling!

  5. Thanks for the encouraging comments- I had to surf your way. That circular attachment has piqued my curiousity- is it for a domestic machine, or a longarm?
    And, hope you find a way that works to sort your stash!

  6. Does the circular attachment work on any machine? It would be nice to be able to do perfect circles!

  7. A circular attachment? That's pretty cool!

  8. If you have not resolved the printer problem call me.