Saturday, September 30, 2006

It went down in the idea journal

Dscn2032 I appreciate the comments on yesterday's post.  Just so I wouldn't be tormented by trying to clarify if I would or wouldn't make the quilt, I put it in a notebook that I log ideas in only. That helped me relax somewhat about the quilt itself even though the issues are forever ongoing.

I have 14 days left in Studio 3 and I was stressing the approaching deadline for Form Not Function.  I just ordered slides for the first time...I paid for a 2 day turn around so I'm assuming that is what I'll get.  Between now and Tuesday afternoon I'm going to work on relaxing and focusing on the next piece for Weaving Poetics entitled The Robey Clock.  I figured out what was bothering me about Lena Bell (the quilt, not the woman herself) and have used this info to help me with the 2nd one.  I don't like the white area around the photo...should either be less of it or painted.  Also, the colour of the background itself leaves me feeling cold, possibly if I had painted the white area a colour that complemented the background colour it would have been more interesting to look at. 

So far, I'm loving everything about The Robey Clock but will add beads and 2 or 3 more photos and maybe the weave symbol.  They both are pinned to the carpet being blocked. Surprising to me, but I like rolling around on the floor with the spray bottle and iron to do this process.

Friday, September 29, 2006

I am that I am


It is 6am, I woke up an hour ago, bothered.  A vivid image for a quilt came to me right after I opened my eyes. An image that reflects the weight of race and gender issues.  I'm thankful that my sensitivity causes me to be aware and seek understanding, but when I can feel something in my skin, when the emotions vibrate through my body its too weighty and commanding.  Since my teen years through most of my adult life it was the calling of poetry to work it out.  Five or six years ago, I couldn't hear the calling, (I suspect it was related to culminated trauma caused by decades of pulmonary illnesses). It was during 2 consecutive stays in the hospital when  I begin to dream the visual.  Mostly what came and comes are lines and various shapes of colours and textures...but this morning the image was pictorial and vivid and I don't want to address these issues this way but I'm feeling called to make this quilt.  History is what it is, all I got is what I got, I am who I am, now what am I going to do with it?

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Start of Weaving Poetics

Dscn2013 Dscn2011_1 This is 1 of 3 in the Weaving Poetics.  Its entitled Lena Bell.  I'm using hand-dyes by Helene Davis as a back drop for the scrapbook style quilts.   Dscn2012The backdrop is sparsely quilted which I'll change for the next one.  I thought about stretching it around a canvas frame which was an idea I picked up over the summer from Joanne Weiss, but decided against that one,...then I thought about sewing all 3 together like a book and making it interactive so the viewer would have to turn the pages.  They will measure around 18"x24".  I hope to have all 3 completed by mid-October to hang in a local theatre's lobby.  I really want a simple layout but its been difficult for me to find the best of simple.  The 3 pieces will be united by backround fabric, photos, poetry, and a woven embellishment.  Here is the first one nearly completed except for my binding choice. I used red-iron on crystals to signify blood dropping from the tree branch (you can click on the photo to enlarge).  This one is bascially a mock up for the other 2 (possibly 3) Lena Bell was my great aunt who lived to be 100. She died in 1998.  Also,the start of the second one under the needle.  I get such a zing from power sewing at the sewing machine. Dscn2024


Friday, September 22, 2006

Studio 3 update

Dscn2028  This second month in the studio isn't as productive as the first.  Yesterday I returned after 6 days of not making it there. I stayed for 5 hours and accomplished attaching most of the embellishments to Faith of A Mother (working title) and worked on 2 of the Weaving Poetics Series which have a simple layout but I spent most of the time trying to get the best of simple.  I left there and went to the LAFTA meeting but didn't stay as the day just proved to long for me and I had to come home.  The shorten daylight doesn't help and as much as I try to push it out of my mind, the change of seasons seems to be a vulnerable time for me physically.  But the one thing that I'm most proud of in regards to the studio time is that it took me 3 weeks to finish a quilt from start to finish.  If I had did this at home it would have been closer to 3 months. Its just not the same.  I've put it out in the universe and to God that I would love a studio outside of home for at least a full year or two.

Two posts ago I wrote about the circular attachment and a few had inquiries about it.  It is a specific attachment for my sewing machine, Janome 6500.  I first saw it on the Janome website as an option and called the dealer back in January who sold me one that didn't was a Janome attachment but for another J machine...even after I mentioned it was on the website the owner dismissed the info and still insisted there wasn't one for the 6500.  It wasn't until I was in Nashville at the AQS show that I purchased the correct one and for 15 bucks cheaper than the local dealer would have sold it IF she had had the correct one!  But I almost lost the one I purchased in Nashville if not for some angels who blessed me by retrieving it.   

My goal today is to attend a lecture by bell hooks.  I count her writings among the select women writers who have had the most profound influence in my intellectual development.  I heard her speak for the first time about 2 years ago and she was such a delightful surprise.  I had always pictured a towering commanding woman and she is a small, tranquil commanding woman who exudes a neighborly friendliness which made me love her writing even more.  I wish I had been better prepared, I would have presented her with one of my quilts.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

If only

Mo took me seriously on her becoming articulate in Spanish and developing her career in Venezuela so that she can move me, poor ole' mother, in my old age.  Currently she is planning to take a minor in Spainish and was upset that her school cancelled 4th year Spainish.  But I'm listening to the press conference and have read "the" speech.  I fall more in love with the man the more I read or hear his words.  There is something to be said for intelligence, wit, vision, and compassion in a man. 

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Woman's plans

didn't happen as she expected them to...but a new week is starting and I've gotten antsy about the Weaving Poetics series. My plan was to have one of them completed by now but my printer, which I need has a busted printhead and it had to be ordered online.  So the 2 days I made it to Studio 3 where not as productive as I unless something happens tomorrow where I can hunt down a printer to run fabric through, I'll have to come up with something else.  I could always make postcards but I think I'm over them.  I could have made some yesterday while I was there, but didn't, even with knowing I have a gallery that wants to carry them.  I was stuck trying to switch gears just to make the time productive while I was there.  In my mind the Weaving Poetics was firmly designed and made and when the printer didn't cooperate, I became scattered.  I can only pray that the printhead will arrive Monday and next week will run smoothly. 

Yesterday a new artist arrived and will be in Studio 1. He is a young man who recently graduated from The Savannah Institute of Art and Design (or is it Design and Art?) and it taking some time to regroup before worrying about his next step.  Also, a composer will be coming for a few days next week and will be in Studio 4.  I hope his/her music will be as melodious as the other composer who was there in June.

Friday a week ago, my friend Cari joined me in the studio to work on her handmade holiday cards which she has always done for years but then it wasn't moving her after 2-3 hours and only 4 or 5 were finished, so she pulled out some mola that she had started years ago in a workshop.  Dscn1968 Cari and I first met where we worked together years ago.  I first noticed her laughter that seemed deep and genuine (a rarity in that environment) and it was so refreshing that I was compelled to get to know her better.  She has an ecletic and creative spirit.

Yesterday as I piddled around I managed to take what I think are quality photos of the "top secret" quilt and then I played with my circular attachment.  This is the back of the sample which shows up better because the fabric on top Dscn2008was very busy. I must remember to use a stablizer if I'm going to use this in an actual quilt.  Dscn2007

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Took a unexpected break

from studio 3.  I haven't returned since my last post.  Some resting was in order and tomorrow I'm getting back on the good foot (throw back to a James Brown lyric) and doing my thang!

Saturday, September 9, 2006

If you see a woman

carrying around a quilt and asking total strangers if they "wanna see my quilt?", that would be me!  Yeap, I'm quit pleased and punch drunk with love for it!  I need to add the sleeve and label it and get it photographed.  I wish I could show it here but I just can't.

On Monday I'll begin the Weaving Poetics series and I'll be able to show them.