Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Blog Detour Ahead

Adrian_dale_ii_and_malachi_jonesbro Here are my a result of Adrian, the one in the stroller, I also have his older brother, Malachi, as my adopted grandfriend.  What you can't see is Malachi's arm in a cast.  A kid jumped on his arm at summer daycare during a football game. Malachi keeps a protective eye on Adrian and is very helpful.   Adrian is 18 months and is having a little difficulty at daycare with understanding that he can't take other kids toys away from them.  When Mo and I asked him what happened at school he seemed to have lost his hearing and the ground became very interesting to him with peeks from the corner of his eye to see if we were still looking at him...each time we posed the question he would become very still and look down while peeking up from the corner of his eyes waiting for the moment to pass.  Ha! what goes around comes around is all I have to say to his father, my oldest son.

Fireworks4 Fireworks5

Fireworks12 Fireworks13

My camera has a fireworks setting.  I took these at a neighborhood festival last weekend which is why we had the 2 grand-people.  Tell me, do you like fireworks?  I don't. Never really enjoyed a child I did because I was suppose to.  I don't like the noise.  I try to avoid them but occassionally I can't get away with doing so.  But these lines of motion and energy have a certain appeal.

Mos_ice_cream_sundae Mo has been tempting me with these sundaes...thank goodness, due to subversive tactics by terrorists using ice cream as a weapon of mass destruction, homeland security has banned the sale of ice cream until further notice...uh, wait, I'm being informed that I misheard the news...will need to get the facts straight after...slurp, slurp, ummm, goood...


  1. what a cutey patooty, that Adrian. I love fireworks and wish I had such a setting on my camera!! Please hide the ice cream from me.