Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Silence is Golden

Silence is golden. That is what I said to myself last night.  The tv has been turned off more, the internet too.  If any music at all, its been instrumental.  This morning it was the sound of birds and natural daylight that awoke me instead of an alarm clock and the clink and clank of humans interacting with plastics, metals, etc of human made, manufactured made items.  And I prayed before my feet even hit the floor instead of a quick plea for God to guide me through the day.  And I am here now...thinking with clarity and calm.

Not much evidence has supported my life as a quilter...a few yo-yos made here and there with the Clover yo-yo makers, some books and magazines purchased and read before going to sleep, a weekend workshop with Hollis Chatlelain in Berea, some postcards made, and some sketches doodled.  My time at MACA had to be cancelled.  I try holding the images of Anna Williams in that overstuffed bedroom working on her quilts and one of an unidentified (to me) woman hand quilting on a frame in a barn as reminders to make do.  As thankful as I am for the reminders from these two women, its not enough to motivate me into concerted actions of intent.   

The weekend with Hollis opened me up and allowed me to breath creatively for a short while.  It was relaxing to handle colour and just sit for a stretch of time and paint.  The mini demonstration she gave to help the group understand blending was a mind opener on understanding undertones and transparency.  She had us all to stand in a circle and put our hands together, palms up, hands touching side to side, and asked us to identify the colours we see (pinks, yellows, greens in undertones) and what distinguishes the hands by race. 

Also, her style of group critique was similiar to a style of writing critique that was introduced to me from a professional dancer as a style that grew from dance troupe critiques.  My preference is an interchange of answers and questions going in both directions between the artist and evaluator and the art while the other group members act as witness/audience.  The writing critiques were different in that the questioning was initiated by the artist first and could be directed at specific group members versus anyone just jumping in to respond.  Then when the round of questioning was over, each member responded while the artist took notes only. To close the session the artists would either make comments or ask the most pertinent question from select group members.  This type of critiquing takes longer and only one or two pieces could be read.  The sessions where timed to prevent going off on deep ends but it forced the artist to select pieces that she really wanted to grow and publish.

This weekend is Magic on the Mount.  I'll be set up in Studio 3 for the day as a participant.  And while you're out and about in Southern Indiana you might as well make a day of it and push further to attend this:

Quilt Creations
June 10 to August 5, 2007 - Rotunda Gallery, Henderson County Public Library

African/American award winning quilt designers Juanita Yeager and Valerie White will display their quilts in celebration of the life of W. C. Handy. This exhibit is presented in conjunction with the Handy Festival that will be held June 9 to 16 in Henderson, KY.

The quickest way to Henderson, KY is to drive through southern Indiana and cross the bridge south at Evansville, I believe. 

So while peace is being still and I seem to not be creating anything, I am being present for the affairs of myself and loved ones. 



  1. So good to hear from you.. .your weekend with Hollis sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your "Golden" moments. :) Peace.

  2. This post made me feel very still and calm inside.

  3. Ahhh...I love the serenity of your written word. I feel I need to follow you in to quietude. I need to do something to restore my soul and spirit.

  4. After reading Gerrie's post about your post, I had to come witness it for myself. Karoda, you are indeed a poet! What beautiful phraseology. I too love those mornings when I can just lay in bed for a few extra minutes, listen to the birds singing outside our bedroom, and say a prayer of thanksgiving for such a wonderful life!
    Peace to you too!