Friday, June 8, 2007

I got this???????

Okay, ya' know how a thing can be seen so clearly in the mind's eye?  Well, when I was asked to occupy Studio 3 for the Magic on the Mount was like no problem, I got this!  The festival is tomorrow and I knew  on Monday that my vision was not going to happen the way I saw it weeks ago in my head.  Should I use the time in the studio as a day to sew or some aspect of surface design or do hand my mine's eye I was going to set up my machine and work on the 2nd Negotiating Territory...but I had expected to have some colours I want dyed by ex-nay that...then I said I'll dye but since I'm going to have works for sale hanging up in the same space and knowing how clumsy I am, I thought best not to have dye around finished pieces.  Then there was going to be the 50 or so postcards I wanted to make, but that didn't happen either due to Peter being in the hospital...(everything is fine now and he is home). 

This morning I wasn't even sure what pieces I wanted to take...(thats decided now) but what if I get a sale? How do I handle the transaction?  At what point do I need to consider getting a business license?  What if there isn't interest in my work and how will it effect me in the short term (because eventually I'd get over it)? And why do I have anxiety about this? Is this normal? Shoot...Mo just called, I gotta go pick her up so my uncertainty will be pushed aside for the moment...



  1. You are funny. Congratulations on that space. It sounds very interesting to be able to have a workspace as part of a festival. You will sell whatever you want to! Chat it up, girl. People like to know what you are about and why you make what you make. Also, it isn't very expensive (at least not in Wisconsin) to get a seller's permit. Here, it's only $10 a year. Have a very successful event!

  2. Good luck with the event. I am sure you will do well no matter what you decide to do.

  3. Oh, don't be worry wort!:) I think you don't need to worry about a business license until you do significant sales. There is usually some hobby level that works until then. Have lots of fun, this sounds great.

  4. OK, first...breathe. :)
    I have no doubt in my mind - at all - that you are going to be successful in this endeavor no matter what you decide to do. Even if you just sit there and just *be* - your presence and spirit alone will be phenomenal.
    As for the postcards...just sell them "cash only" - get yourself lots of one dollar bills for change. Maybe accept'll be fine.
    I'm not sure what "surface design" is, but it sounds like something that would be interesting for people to see you do.
    Most importantly, be yourself and have fun!
    I send you virtual hugs...because you don't need luck! :)

  5. Hi Karoda,
    You are such a talent....I am looking forward to reading all about how it went.

  6. I'm eager to hear how things went, as well. Hope the experience was a success!