Saturday, June 16, 2007

Its that dang ozone thing again!

There is a weather advisory issued for Monday.  I was planning on dyeing fabric again but I guess the wise thing to do would be to wait. Yesterday I dyed red (034) (always trying to get a deep rich red) and rinsing out in the bath tub.  That was uncomfortable.  I really enjoy surface work and am going to work my way through the exercises in the back of the book Complex Cloth. Right now all I have is a few dyed pieces but will use Jacquard discharge paste to do the next step.  Jacquard's paste doesn't bother me the way that bleach does.

Mo potted flowers on the balcony and I'm enjoying seeing them.  Her and I have been sitting on the balcony just before night falls and chatting.  God willing, she will be staying in the dorm this fall.  Its exciting watching her enthusiasm.  But I'm already know I'm going to miss her being around.Dscn2486 Dscn2481


  1. Karoda - I finally have had time to catch up on your blog; I've missed a lot of blogs recently due to time constraints.
    Your work in the show looks fabulous! Hope you are through with the 'piddlilng around' stage and feeling productive. I'm in that stage myself right now.
    Art & Fear: I read it the way I used to read Dr. Spock when my kids were babies! I had the happy experience of dinner with Ted Orland a few months ago and he is a charmer. Yes, it's all about process.

  2. We're having bad weather here too but that just allows me to sew "all" the time. Yippie Skippy!

  3. So glad to see you are working. I have missed you not blogging as well. It lets me keep up with those I miss in Louisville.