Tuesday, July 3, 2007

365 Days on a Quilt


You know how blog surfing leads to the discovery of new blogs and ideas and people?  A few weeks ago I stumbled upon Leanne's House and the 365 Day Challenge Quilt.  Since I read this post at Black Threads I'm again pondering text on quilts and although this is not my idea, I thought the 365 quilt would be fun to do and hopefully spark some ideas about other ways to combine text/cloth.  The idea of writing/script/messages in quilts is never too far from my thoughts in the first place.  I have a quotation quilt languishing in the closet on a quilt frame that was intended for a friend's 50th birthday...(she's pushing close to 60 now), slow, but sure, is my motto! After trying 5 different pens, Pentel Gel Roller for Fabric and Fineliner Tee Juice Markers are the absolute smoothest!  The ones that I eliminated were Copic Multiliner, Sharpie, and FabricMate.  They bleed at the slightest hesitation in my hand.

Dscn2568I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this phone booth a week ago!?  They are almost gone and are rare finds.  I joked with Mo if she had ever seen one of these...it goes along with the 17 year old stranger who quipped about my iron without holes which she had never seen one before and in a split second I thought "where has she been" before it dawned on me that I was swimming in the generation gap.

Below is the discharged fabric that I'll overdye sometime this week.  If using discharge paste and you want to skip the ironing, discharge on a hot sunny day.  Once the sun hits the fabric it drys and discharges immediately.



  1. We had the sun factor this past week-end and it was great. I like using the iron sometimes because you can vary the discharging and get a variegated result. I have an iron without holes; I think I found it at a garage sale.
    Looking forward to seeing your 365 days.
    Have a great 4th.

  2. Love the discharge paste fabric. The phone booth...very rare indeed. Someone told me a couple of days ago that she writes down where every phone booth in the city is when she comes across one just so she doesn't have to use her cell phone. And did you ever try starching your fabric before using a marker. I do that with spray starch and it helps stop the bleeding.

  3. Wow those leaves are awesome. Love the coloration as well.

  4. Gorgeous discharged fabric.... wish it would get hot enough here to not use an iron... it's more like November than July here!

  5. The discharged fabric looks great.

  6. Good for you on the 365 Day Challenge quilt! I visit Leanne's House to check on her progress every so often and love seeing the links to different people who are participating.
    Love your discharged fabric!

  7. Love the fabric but cruised over to your literary blog and you have stolen my heart. What an amazing articulate woman you are. Keep that art coming...365 Days, huh? My lazy butt would find all sorts of excuses to not do that.