Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Solo Shows and my Progeny

Dscn2574_copy Marti Plager is one of the most energetic and enthusiastic art quilters I know.  She extended an invitation to do a gallery talk of her solo show for the group of sistahs I quilt with and last weekend several us at met Marti at the Carnegie Museum in New Albany, Indiana. Bridges and Memories was the theme for the series of quilts and in true Marti fashion she answered our questions and talked about her work with her trademark enthusiasm that so describes her.  I love her strong linear designs and colour pairings the most and my favorite quilt was entitled Vertigo that provided a perspective of looking up at the geometric steel overhead of a bridge.  With Louisville being on the river we have 3 bridges and another coming in the very distant future, so the theme was readily identifiable for all familiar with this area. Thanks Marti for you hospitality!

Speaking of solo shows, UpfromSumDirt, aka my brother told me he will be having his first solo show going up in August and another one going up in December!  (I'll need to get a new picture of him to post since he has cut his locks off.)  The news really was a joy to hear!  He has always been a very talented and artistic person but has never given himself enough credit.  He has moved from Louisville which I'm sure has helped him immensely.  Details for the show are forthcoming.  Congratulations Ron, and I hope blessings continue to flow in, out, through, and around you!  Your new work is amazing!

Dscn2573 Ade is working on drawing. This is Andre 3000 (Sometimes we watch the cartoon Class of 3000 together).  He just finished a 6 week drawing workshop and will start a painting workshop on Thursday.  Out of my 3 children he is the one that enjoys going with occasionally on art dates. Mo likes to go but she mainly likes to whiz through and she wants me to look at what she wants to look at.  Adrian, my oldest passes altogether.

Dscn2570 If you're ever visiting the city it is a must that you stop and eat at Lynn's Paradise Cafe!  Meet Ade Fork and Mo Spoon.



  1. Ronnie cut his locks? Why, why, why???

  2. I SO love seeing progeny shots. It's a clear link to what is often (definitely, in my case) an artist's finest creations.