Friday, July 27, 2007

mud and Mud

I also wanted to talk about mud...the construction is still going on in my hood and I ride by mounds of dirt...charcoal coloured, yellowish, brown-reddish...and I want some of it!  The street is a busy two lane with no place to pull over which is why I haven't asked the construction crew for permission to get some dirt.  I want to get all 3 colours and see what I can do with them by colouring fabric.  It dawned on me that this maybe akin to what Cheryl tried some time ago with clay dyeing...(remember to email Cheryl about this)...also, I'll consult Kel too.

And more about mud, but this time, Mud as in Mud Man, Upfromsumdirt, Dirty Boy, Somebodygottadoit...two of his works are included in an exhibit at The Loudoun House in the Recycled Matter(s) exhibit.  The opening started 13 minutes ago...congratulations Ron...will definitely be there in September and if your father is up to it, I'll bring him along...he actually expressed an interest in coming tonight so that is his way of being proud of ya! Keep it up! Love ya!


  1. Would you like some red Georgia clay? Nasty stuff. When I first moved here from Black dirt NY I pulled over at a construction site because I thought the earth was bleeding.

  2. Can I just say that you are a woman after my own heart... books and music and FABRIC!?! (you are much more elegant and creative than I, though). I am officially your newest biggest fan.