Friday, July 27, 2007

Just because the clock stopped ticking doesn't mean that time stands still.

Where does the time get to?  I want to know and I want it to come back! But there isn't a rewind button I can hit to do the last 5 days over now is there???  One foot down and then the other right in front and I'll keep stepping. 

The rain halted my plans to set up "studio" (a card table on the balcony) for making some silk paper...but realizing the week has marched on in spite of my do-nothing-state-of-being, I decided to pull the rusting fabric from its occupying corner on the balcony and see how it went...Dscn2613

here it is soaking in the bath tub with a drop or two of synthrapol.  I rinsed it first and after the soak I'll toss it into the washing machine.  Maybe I'll over dye, stamp on it, and-or foil on it.  Life is just one big long process anyways, right? 

Yesterday I spent time exploring a flea market type store...its one of my favorite ways to waste time when I'm out between appointments.  I found all type of neat stuff that I don't need, beautiful teacups and plates, a gorgeous buffet that would just be one classy piece of furniture for holding supplies and fabrics, old wooden chairs, old jewelry and linens...naw, I didn't buy a thing since I'm more interested in unloading my own "stuff" but I find these type of stores intriguing and inspiring.  I think it was yesterday that the Antiques Roadshow that was here...there were only 3000 tickets by drawing and I wasn't one of them.  Will be looking forward to the Louisville episode in October.  I wanted to take a clock that has been in my family for over 100 years (where does the time get to?) and a tin type photo and a book that was recently given to me  that I saw online for 450 and 500.  It was published in 1899 and I hope to find some archival way to store it. The author (can't recall her name correctly at the moment) was known for her illustrations on tarot cards and the book was re-issued a few years ago.  What I read about her online made her sound like a wild and entertaining woman trying to make her way in the world as an artist.  She was a biracial woman whose father was from Europe and mother, Jamaican...Patricia Smith Collins, Patricia Collins Smith...ahhh, shoot her name is on the tip of my tongue...but her story makes me imagine layers of her life, thoughts and behaviors, infused with all the race, gender, class issues of her day and I want to know more about her....what is the title of the Black Feminist tome???? The Bridge Called My Back????  Is this author calling my back?  See, how my mine wonders...I need a house of many rooms, each one filled with artifacts and supplies that allow me to practice my callings of interest for the day. It is rumoured that bell hooks has 4 houses in one small town that she is currently residing in and is building another one...depending on what she feels like that day will depend on which one she writes in I guess...I now understand and could easily do the same (with one house), wondering and wandering from room to room filling myself up with curiousities...history, genealogy, writing, quilting...I was going to write that I will be one of those old quirky women that lives at the end of the road and people make up stories and wonder about...but hell, maybe people are doing that now!?

Dscn2624_2 Dscn2623Mo's flowers here...I wanted to see how well the rain drops showed up in my photography...this was shot on close up with the lense about an inch and half away...any suggestions for improving?


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  1. Howdy~
    FINALLY, I've found a sista'. Am new to blogging and thrilled with a lot of sites but I've been looking for us.
    Having said that, some photo hints you might try- put camera on a tripod, which i hate to do at times because I just want to get the shot HA! And many times I am not truly satisfied. So...
    tripod, shutter release for your camera, and a non-windy day. Also, a macro lens, if possible.
    If not, put on the macro setting. BTW, what camera are you using?? Sometimes that has a
    great influence on the outcome,
    I hope that is helpful.
    ((Hug)) ,