Saturday, July 19, 2008

Everything must change

NO, I did not go to Baer Fabrics today!  The annoucement caught me off guard just as it did a great number of people.  Two days ago it was annouced that a Louisville institution, a corner stone in downtown Louisville, a textile legacy, and a major stop for all fabric lovers far and wide, that Baer's Fabrics, after 103 years, would be closing its doors for the last time at 5:30 today.  The employees also find out two days ago.  Its so hard to believe and was difficult to accept.  As far as I know they are the only authorized Bernina dealership.  I doubt that very much if anything was discounted and financially the timing was totally off for me, otherwise I would have sought out some of their exquisite silks.  The reality hasn't had time to settle in but I know it will the next time I pass by the building.  The rumour is that no one else in the family wanted to take it over.  Just as everything surrounding the building it will more than likely be swallowed up into expensive high rise lofts. 


This is the photo taken off their website.  What you do not see is the parking lot on the left and the seperate entrance to the commercial division.

I hear George Benson in my head singing Everything Must Change.





  1. Isn't that sad? It's the place where we could get buttons to match anything for any purpose. I'll miss the store.

  2. Oh, I hate to hear stories like this. So sorry.

  3. It seems to be the same sad story happening all across the country, for one reason or another, but nevertheless, we are all experiencing the loss of these wonderful old institutions. I grieve for you, I grieve for me, but most of all I grieve for the following generations who will never know the pleasures of shopping in these fine establishments.
    Warm Hugs