Monday, July 7, 2008


Unlocking the doors, opening the windows, and dusting off the blog is re-opened for some fun and reflection. 

We're back and as typical, the time away was too short and the daily grind of responsibilities was waiting on us when we returned.  It didn't really hit me until the drive home yesterday that I had missed a whole week of not being in my workshop.  What was I working on when I left it?  The details where fuzzy and even after I got there this morning I piddled and procrastinated for about 3 hours until I decided to just jump off the cliff and warm up by doing some free motion quilting.  Why does practice always go smoother than the actual quilting on a piece I care about?   I forgot to use the sew slip which I know helps me.  The quilted cat tails at the bottom aren't as smooth as I'd like them to be but I'll continue with this design on the others so hopefully I'll show some improvement by the time I get to the last one in the series.   But this one is near-done...just trying to visualize with a binding or binding free.  If binding free then I think it needs to be framed which is the same purpose as a binding so I'm leaning in that direction...any opinions?


I practiced taking quality photos of my quilts today.  I'm still getting slanted work but will keep trying to get the lense positioned in the center of the quilts. 


  1. Welcome Back! Can't wait to see the full Catherine Street piece!
    Best, Kyra

  2. Welcome back, K! I'm eager to see the entire piece as well!

  3. glad you had a nice time. i am loving what you have done so far. can you tell me what is a sew slip? is that the gloves that people wear sometime when they do free motion?

  4. hey, welcome back, i could use some practice too. i find it so hard to get pics of larger pieces, with the detail i want.....i need to work on it.

  5. niiiiiiiiiiiice. Very much so.

  6. Hey!! Welcome back. I missed you. My instructor last week told us that she makes notes of what she plans to do when she gets back in the studio. She claims that menopause has robbed her of her short term memory.

  7. Karoda -
    I think you did a fabulous job on the quilting! I actually find circles to be some of the most difficult quilting motifs, because it's so easy to see when they're not perfectly round.
    Hope you had a great vacation and are rested and ready to get back in the saddle!