Friday, July 11, 2008


Earlier in the year I upgraded my Typepad membership with the intent of centralizing my blogs.  I wanted 2 other blogs for my photo imagery and another for showcasing my finished quilts for marketing.   An upgrade was also going to allow me to customize my headings but after months at the upgrade level the extra 40 bucks just hasn't been worth it.  Hopefully Typepad will know to delete my other 2 blogs and not this one since I wasn't asked at the time I downgraded a minute ago.  My new set up for photo images is now on wordpress at eyepiece: an amateur takes aim.  I'm looking at free website hosts or nearly free for a website, specifically Homestead and EasySite and Google.

Yesterday I started quilting on another of the smaller pieces in the 725 series:


I'm working my way up in size with the hope that once I get to the 3 largest pieces, everything in my head and heart and hands will be conveyed into the quilt.  While we where away last week I started with hand embroidery which turned out to be a waste of time.  When I returned home I viewed it through the red plastic that comes with the 3-in-1 colour wheel only to see the value was the same as the background.  The red pebble quilting was fmq and adds a subtle change in value and the neon green thread blings.  I used the circle attachment for the larger circles.  The neon green thread lines float over the other layers so well-Yea for color theory!

What I forgot to anticipate was shrinkage caused by quilting and now I see the piece as too narrow.  To solve this problem I'm considering one of the following:

  1. cut it down in size
  2. remove the top and bottom border
  3. change the orientation from vertical to horizontal
  4. attach the 2 other panels which poses a new challenge for me as I've never attached panels that where already quilted.

DSCN3352 DSCN3359

The other issue is whether to screen "725" over the piece or screen just one digit per panel since this piece has 2 other companions.  I'll have the weekend to think it over but if you have any suggestions before Monday, comeback and leave a comment or email me



  1. The circle quilting on this and the previous piece is really dynamic. i like it. I like the horizontal orientation too.

  2. Ohhhhhh!!!
    That's so yummy looking !!!

  3. I really like the circles on this piece. I think I prefer it horizontal. To help with the 725, try taking some cling wrap and writing the numbers on it either separately or all over then laying the film on the piece to see if helps you to decide.

  4. Micki had a good idea. I think you need to test he numbers with different layouts. The stitcing is luscious.

  5. I love the circles, the sense of interconnectedness (been a real theme of mine lately!) and the sense of eternal continuation. This is like everything you produce.. an incredible feast for the senses.
    REALLY liked the great suggestion of using the cling wrap! I don't have any suggestions ;-p Not gonna pretend to know (which is all I've got), instead I'm just gonna appreciate!

  6. hey check your email, make sure I didn't end up spamqueued.
    FWIW I like it vertical, and I'd hate to see those borders cut off. I'm very enamoured of the hints of blue in there, & wonder if you could take advantage of them somehow. Love your big fluorescent green circles too. Re 725, I think I'd probably be going for one digit per panel, but it would all depend on the screen or style. To be honest I think I'd be too scared to screenprint on top of anything I'd spent that much time one, and would probably decide that any last-step additions like that were safer done as embellishments.

  7. No suggestions from me. You're doing a beautiful job on it all by yourself. This piece just blows me away!